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Jinteki.net discussion

Perhaps it’s time for a Stimhack Jinteki.net League?


That was me. :slight_smile:
I took a look at the code and, uh, it’s kinda difficult to implement something like Escher. I may go look at OCTGN if its source is open to see how it’s solved there.

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Depending how ice is arranged you can probably do it like how Jinteki does indexing but have the ice positions highlighted while the cards are off to the side and then just drag to the ice positions(or click)

That’s one way of doing it, and likely the ‘best’ but also most complicated.
I’d thought of trying to do it through the menu options; Take all the ICE and put them in a list, then go server by server asking which ICE to place down next for each server until all the ICE has been placed…

The problem is that doing it that way is complicated in Clojure. I also ran out of excess time to look into it…

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all ok, except working with lists is not complicated in clojure :smile:

I’m 100% in when this happens. I think we should wait until the end of SHL5 though so as not to fragment the player base.


That’s a possible solution. But then it’s tedious to save the number of ices on each server and enforce that it stays the same after the shuffling.

Another solution is a manual ICE swap by drag and dropping an ICE onto another. It would allow to resolve Sunset and Tenma Line too!


All my code in OCTGN is open source, but there the coding is easier on these things, since by default OCTGN acts as a blank tabletop, and I implement all scripting on top of that.


You could do Escher just by prompting the runner for if they want to swap two pieces of ice until they’re done moving ice around.

That seems the easiest way to do it with the code that’s already there.

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Totally - I’ve always thought of Escher as “swap two pieces of ICE” with an arbitrary finite number of repetitions. Seems the easiest way to avoid messing it up.


I still prefer OCTGN over jinteki everyday of the week, but with only a chromebook during my break at work, it’s a nice alternative. But most of my props have to go to db0 and his work on the OCTGN platform.

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its not a topic about octgn.

Wanting to discuss jinteki.net without mentioning OCTGN? Sure, whatever


It seems pretty relevant, since it’s the direct substitute. I mean, it’d be silly to talk about Aurora without mentioning Corroder, no?


Wait, are you SURE? Oh my, he must’ve misread the title.

Oke, back on topic please. no need to go on.


mention it, sure. however @BJester post was kinda rude as it gave no actual arguments against one or the other nor any valid comparison between them. just praising the opposition. in that sense it was offtopic and may lead to some flame or discourage people from using alternatives.

I would love to give you an in-depth post about why OCTGN is better, but all those points already have been made earlier in this(and earlier posts). I mentioned I like Jinteki, as it’s the only way I can play on my chromebook.

Not sure how I was rude. Well, my second post was kinda was and I apologize, am at work and don’t have time to reply with walls of text.


Mention OCTGN all you want, @BJester. Don’t let the trolls get you down! :smile:

don’t you dare summonning the master troll

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