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Jinteki Wins The Chronos Protocol Tour

We now have the winning ID of the Chronos Protocol Tour:

Time to map some minds.



Much like the plugged in tour, I don’t care too much for this identity, but I’m really glad the other one didn’t win.

Seems incredible with House of Knives!


Eeeeheeheeheeheehee! I’m so excited to play this.

Not as likely to flatline as PE, but who cares? Power Shutdown, some trashing Ice, and regular Net Damage output (or ability for same) and you’ll be able to lock runners out like wild! Even more than the selective trash, knowing what the runner has in store for you is going to make “mindgames” even more a thing of the past.

I actually think this basically replaces Personal Evolution. Net damage is so much stronger here than in a flatline style deck. This plus Power Shutdown with Neural EMP is frightening.

Shock!s become ridiculous with this… I’ve had my fingers crossed hoping this would win… so excited to play it!

Shocks are already ridiculous, why do you think Security Testing exists? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I probably would have voted HB knowing what I know about honor and profit.

Jinteki can now make plays that clear out most of your hand anyways so being that selective almost seems redundant.

Where does one get a copy of this identity? When is it legal to play?

It’ll come out eventually, in one of the future packs. If I’m not mistaken, the general consensus is we can expect Laramy in the cycle that comes after Order and Chaos, and Chronos Protocol comes either in the same cycle, or the one after that.