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King of Servers Worlds 2016 - Digital Kumite Re-up

Another plug: the 2016 Worlds map portal is a resource for attendees coming from out of town. I’ve highlighted the lodging options and mostly non-chain eating establishments, and you can figure out how you’ll need to get around. The B-Dale is a couple miles east of the Event Center and south of Highway 36.


Thanx Joel!

Still hammering out if they’ll serve food, and beer options are open. No Tecate.

I formally request Morning Wood (Coffee Stout), Size 7 or Hop Dish (IPAs), and Grain Belt Premium (Cheap Lager). Local beers, one and all.


Are !Ruined cards legal for this event?


I’m in. Lets see if I can lose every game again. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to working with @dodgepong again to bring you another quality KOS event stream!


I am completely baffled that people want D&D runners. :cry:


Ah! You must be under the impression that this is a serious event. :dizzy_face:

I mean, sure, there’s some teams that absolutely do. But there’s definitely people who are going to break out the jank that they couldn’t play anywhere else. Hell, last year I won 3/5 games with Harmony Medtech.


I’m too am baffled. I would have thought a man as astute as yourself would surmise that some people who play Netrunner, which is a game, play it for fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Who has fun playing the mini factions?


The poll was more for my interest than anything.

The mini factions are optional. If you are upset by this, I’ll remind you all that a winning team last year had Apex.


My dream of an all Mini Faction team plus Professor probably won’t happen. And a lot of the MN players are already teamed. Who wants to take ol’ Orbital onboard?

Only 10 team slots left.

That looks like a Dargenio impersonator, Dom Dagreno or something. Tim & Eric style

Yo in case anyone is wondering, VOTE FOR D&D RUNNER!!! Its the only true way to tell who is the king of servers.


If you’re going to make people play Corp minifactions, you better make them play Runner ones as well…

(also, signed up! it’ll be so great)

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Annnnnd, we’re full.

If anyone needs to make team changes, PM me.

Again, free agent here. Willing to play on pretty much any team. I promiss to put down the jank if that’s what the team wants, or go hardcore jank if you nasty.


Also a free agent here. Anyone else looking for teammates?

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