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Kiv's Top Five Picks for All That Remains

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/kivs-top-five-picks-for-all-that-remains/

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Liked this a lot. Also liked the links to decks showing how the cards get used.


Just gonna correct you on a detail: I play 2 Lady / 2 Cycy / 2 indexing :wink:

This post isn’t showing up on the front page of stimhack for me :frowning:

Can anyone else see it? Idk whats broke.

It’s not showing up for me either. I can see the link through the forum post but nothing on the front page.

Edit: It’s also not on the Articles and Guides page.

There’s a small typo in the article triggering my OCD - in the Lady entry it says “…freed from Corroder. T”

The extra T shouldn’t be there :smile:

Thanks, it’s updated.

Oh, I didn’t think of Utopia Shard as Accelerated Diagnostics counter and in my meta there is a guy that loves this combo in Weyland. What’s the best moment of the combo to use it?

I’m really considering using Boot Camp in RP - it slots in just fine into the Mental Health Clinic slot, can find you a Sundew (even if the Runner goes to trash it), can rez your Pups, Eli’s and Yagura’s that you want rezzed anyway…it just seems all round nice.

Good article. Good calls and well written. I always like shoutouts, though that Leela deck of mine is in need of updating.

I think Upotia shard is just a tad bit better than you made out (probably would have made my top 5), and you missed my favorite interaction with with it: the 5 card Legwork. I didn’t even think about the Fast Track business though, and that’s pretty great. The influence does hurt, but the dogs make it a lot easier to fit into crim (and Shaper I suppose, but alot of the top shapers at worlds were already running Snowball over Corroder for influence).

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Well-written, and perhaps more importantly, well-informed. I like this better than the traditional set review.


Great write-up! Thanks for all the decklists; I’ve been wanting to see and try Hinke’s current Kit Vamp. More of these and less full set reviews.

A basic combo would be something like:

  1. Install Jackson Howard
  2. Power Shutdown R&D
    Jackson shuffles 3 cards into R&D
  3. Accelerated Diagnostics into SEA Scorch Scorch

If you use Utopia before the Power Shutdown, you have a high chance to knock out one or both of Power Shutdown or AD, preventing the combo for the time being.

The ‘all-in’ option is to crack it before the AD, and if you hit the AD then you win the game (either by running Archives to collect many agendas, or waiting 3 turns for them to deck out). But if they had a 2nd copy of AD in hand or if you miss it, then they still get to combo off.

If you want to post an updated decklist, I’ll edit it in.

Sure, note that even with the Nerve Agent it’s still not favorable against NEH. If their asset economy starts rolling they don’t really care about Vamp, and running Femme as the only sentry breaker is just miserable against Architects.


Nice little article, but, how come none of the links go to NetrunnerDB? :laughing:


Meteor is a better version of netrunnerdb that only works 60% of the time


I think NetrunnerDB is great, you’re not going to start any flamewars in this thread :wink:

It’s true, my old hosting provider was total shit. I moved to a new host a week ago and haven’t had a single problem yet. In all seriousness if you’re still seeing any problems I want to know about it.


Here’s the list that I just updated:

It’s pretty similar, but the one you had was an early draft and there are some easy changes. it’s not perfect, but I think it’s got some pretty strong match ups.

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I really like the rez ability in blue sun glacier, since all of the ice is just different varieties of ETR. But in RP - although I’m no RP expert, mind you - it seems like it’s worth more than 1 credit for the runner to not know in advance which of your ice is pups and which is komainus.

BTW, @SneakySly, the 2nd meteor link (to the RP deck) has a space at the end of the hyperlink that makes it 404.

One uncommon but huge benefit of bootcamp in blue sun is that it can give you free wins against Nasir, which before was an even-odds matchup but horribly complicated to play correctly.

Man, that deck is brutal looking. I’m glad you found space for the Sneakdoors.

This is the quote of the week.

Oh, I’m not trying to. Just was wondering it while scanning the article, and, then, re-read the intro.

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60% of the time it works every time!