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Labyrinthine Servers: "Power" not "Agenda" Counters

(Feel free to delete this if its been addressed or move it to the appropriate thread if it already exists)

So when you score Labyrinthine Servers, it says to place Power Counters on the card which are then used for it’s paid ability, whereas every other agenda card that uses counters for an ability use Agenda Counters. Is there any possible reason for this to be intentional or is it most likely an overlooked mistake? It seems really weird to have one card work differently to others, especially if we ever get cards that move/add agenda or power counters to and from cards.

The obvious possibility is we will be getting card(s) that manipulate Agenda and/or Power Counters.

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I don’t really see how this difference makes that possibility obvious? Unless i misunderstood what you said haha, I didnt think there was anything about this specific agenda that warranted that deviation from the norm so far.

The upcoming Weyland agenda High-Risk Investment specifies ‘Hosted Agenda Counter’, so it’s a conscious decision. The inference people are making on this distinction is what I said above.

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If you have two things that are practically identical, the only possible reason to name them differently is because you need them to be different things for the purpose of other card interactions.


Hmm, okay so if it’s because of a future card interaction, then if we assume its manipulating Agenda or Power counters then there are a few options:

  1. Move Agenda not Power counters: Jinteki can move counters between Braintrust, Nisei, and HoK, but not LS. Maybe they don’t want to load LS up with too many counters, but this doesnt really make sense since Nisei and Braintrust are both waaaaay better with the abundance of counters from HoK (not to mention Astro Beale), and HoK is a far more efficient battery for counters than LS is.

  2. Move Power not Agenda counters: LS can be loaded up with counters from Draco (possibly the best power counter battery since you can choose an arbitrary based on whatever you want to pay), but you still have to score a 5/3, the ability has limited use, and there are far better things to move them to (Data Raven, Mamba, Victor 2.0, hell even Snoop)

i cant really think of anything else, neither of those seems to be a good enough reason for the difference

While everything people have said about distinguishing counters is reasonable, with FFG “Bad templating and proofing,” is an answer that shouldn’t ever really be ruled out.


Think runner card(s) instead of corp

Some people are hoping for a runner card that wipes agenda counters, as a pseudo nerf to astroscript.

interesting, but it either has to be highly priced or hard to install, as it nerfs almost a third of the entire agenda suite

I’m guessing that we will get something related to modifying power counters since both corp cards and runner cards have power counters, specifically Docklands Crackdown–which might actually be viable then–and the Cerberus trio.

I think agenda counter wipe would be similar to chronos project, awesome in theory but awkward in practice. What I’d love to see would be something like: play only if the corp has bad pub, forfeit an agenda, the corp forfeits an agenda. A more general buff to slow janky runner decks.

And yeah, it’s just a matter of time until there are power counter shenanigans.

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