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League Achievements


I am trying to push our local weekly gatherings into next level of organized play by improving the structure of our Seasonal League events. Our current plan is inspired by the superb Team Covenant, but it’s very much also adjusted to our local setting, and is as follows - during weekly Netrunner evenings the players gather points (1pt for lose, 2pts for win, 5pts for completing any of the achievements).

The goal is that a very active, but not as great player can work 2x as hard to finish at the top so less experienced players would not feel as discouraged. Also the implementation of Achievements welcome all players to try out all kind of different strategies and play styles so this would probably even out the playing field even more, but still make it worthwhile for competitive play as you can for example lose 3x but win the 4th with an outstanding achievement and gather 10pts in this manner, or simply play a solid deck to win 5/5 and still gather 10pts.

In theory this sounds like it should work and I will let you know if and how it does, but I would like to ask for your recommendations to create the Achievement List. Here is what I have currently gathered: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1564nMsswVqbYWd9IBTL3dOyJQhaWRIMS29tUGBjp1C0/edit#gid=0

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A few random ideas-

Scheherazade (runner) - have 11 programmes installed at once.
A Nasty Accident (corp) - win by flatlining the runner before the begining of their second turn.
'tis Just a Scratch (runner) - win despite having taken at least four meat damage
The Same Old Thing (corp) - play the same card (different copies is fine) six or more times in one game
Return of the Zombie Runner (runner) - have a maximum hand size of zero
Dubious Accounting Practices (corp) - win after the runner has resolved at least three Account Siphons in one game


Influence is Influence (corp): All cards with influence count against your influence limit.

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Influence is Influence (corp): All cards with influence count against your influence limit.

Can you please explain this? I don’t understand the idea.

Essentially (I believe) even in-faction cards count against your influence limit.

Basically, you have how many ever influence your ID provides you to go outside neutral only cards.

Yes–that is correct.

Check my work in progress here. Few small mods I need to make.


Some very cool ideas there! Thanks a bunch.

With the subachievement: There Can Be Only One (win an “Influence is Influence” game as the Professor). :wink:

I already got 2 badges:

  • you suck
  • you suck hard

Enjoying every game though! :wink:

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Burning Down The House (Corp): Play Scorched Earth three times in a row.

Heartbleed (Runner): Eliminate the last card in R&D via Noise’s ability.

Crunch Time (Corp): Win the game with no cards in R&D

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I had this idea before but this for me screams Shutdown + Howard + Diagnostics too much. And I don’t really want to put our League Achievements so specific as I do not want to have a list of some 50, but rather some 10 for each side that can be achieved with various tactics or are simply fun/situational.

Thanks for this list @snake3yes . I like how you have different sub-cateogries (e.g., Deck building) within your list.