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League Reporting Error

Reporting Errored out on me and I accidentally reported the same match three times.

Can someone with Admin Privileges delete the duplicate matches?

As far as the notes about dispute go, the situation was I had an existing Utopia Shard installed, and I had just installed a Hades Shard. As I’m the active player, I have priority for Paid Abilities following each Player Action. Jackson Howard’s paid ability cannot be used until I’ve done all the paid abilities I choose.

I wanted to use Utopia Shard and then Hades Shard in this window, but JacenBlare became uncooperative even after having the rules reference cited for him. I used the keyboard command to force access and there were enough agendas in archives for the win, even without Utopia Shard.


Ahh yess, some fine OCTGN dickery in effect.


I tried to remove the duplicate matches. It should be oke

Furthermore, regarding your dispute, please post or PM me screenshots as requested in our league rules.