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Legend of the Five Rings


I’m hyped as fuck :smiley:


Stream going on over on FFG’s facebook page.

Going to keep a rolling list of things I see mentioned.

-If a personality with a - skill somehow ever ends up in a conflict of that type, they’re immediately bowed and sent home.

Dynasty deck seems to be focused on your clan and what you’re playing, while the Fate deck is mentioned to be where your “secrets” are kept, and where all of the out-of-clan things you buy with influence will go.

Fate economy: Seems to be pretty flat generation, and any extra mostly comes from how you are playing and skill.

First fiction will be launching on the FFG website next week.

Bowed personalities can still use their abilities, unless the ability has a cost of bowing the personality.

Broken provinces cannot be declared as attack targets.

All seven clan champions will be in the core set.

No limit on the amount of fate you can put on a personality when it enters play, other than the amount of fate you have to spend.

Three states on rings: unclaimed, contested, claimed.

Usual baseline guidelines was that Bushi and Courtiers usually have to be at the conflict to use their abilities, while shugenja usually can do their thing with spells from home. Abilities will usually specifically say where they can be used from.

Every other week they’re going to spotlight a clan, starting with next week starting with the Crane.


GenCon put the event listings up, for all the cool kids that will be there.

Thursday, Noon: Legend of the Five Rings Inaugural Tournament & Celebration

So yeah, this one comes with a copy of the core set, so if you get into this one you probably won’t have to suffer through the line and ergo the fire marshal’s blood pressure won’t be as high.

Friday, 11 AM
Seminar: Designing the Legend of the Five Rings LCG

[quote]Join the Fantasy Flight Games design team as they discuss the the update from the CCG format to the LCG & how the themes of the setting informed the mechanics.

Friday, Noon: Legend of the Five Rings Tournament

I did notice that the player count on this one is a lot lower than Thursday’s. Might be a space thing, since there’s probably other events going on at the same time competing for floor space.

Saturday, 9 AM: Top 16.

Sunday, 9 AM: Legend of the Five Rings Casual Tournament


First fiction/short story’s up: Her Father’s Daughter

(It’s in a PDF, scroll down for the link.)

Next week the clan spotlighting will start, so how It sounds to go will be alternating weeks fiction and then previews for that faction.


New preview, courtesy of the Jade Throne podcast: The Perfect Gift.



Yeah, FFG is going big for this launch.


New preview, courtesy of the Sake House Brawl podcast: Doji Gift Giver.


New preview, courtesy of the Strange Assembly podcast: Noble Sacrifice.

Some pretty good value there.

Especially since you’re going to be getting a decent honor swing off it as well, due to a honorable person going out (+1 to you) and a dishonorable one going too (-1 to your opponent).

Also gives everyone a good reason to care about being honorable for your personalities, since it also acts as a shield.

Obviously good with Shameful Display, since it immediately sets it up.


The preview trains have no breaks.

Courtesy of the Home of the Crane Cran, Artisan Academy, a Holding.

That’s one way to get around bidding low for card draw.


Lots of neat stuff here


Crane preview article’s up: Pinnacle of Perfection


I gravitate towards political factions, but something tells me the Crane will end up amongst the least appealing to me, thematically. They seem to have some really strong cards, though. I still don’t know much about the game yet, but this Crane Champion seems insanely powerful.


…and really expensive :slight_smile:


Way of the Lion will be the next spotlight. To go along with that, they posted a preview at the end of the stream today. Link.

(Hopefully that works, Facebook links are always messy.)

Interesting mechanics stuff that came up in the stream today.

If a deck runs out of cards and you need more, you lose 5 honor, but then you shuffle your discard pile into a new deck and continue play.

Duels that end in a tie don’t count as a win or loss for both participants.

You need to have at least 1 skill unbowed in a conflict to win it. 0 on both sides means no one wins, everyone goes home bowed, and the ring goes back into the pool.

Clan-aligned Conflict cards without influence pips CANNOT be splashed.


Hype is real. Looks like every Gencon event was sold out within the first 15 minutes.


For those interested . . .


Yeah, I went 0-for-3 in regards to trying to get tickets. Hopefully they’ll add more seats or open up extra events.


So much salt in the L5R chats today. Game went from 100 player cap being too high to 350 being too low.

I’d like to think it’s because people recognize AEG was basically the wasting disease when it came to the game, but I’d guess it has more to do with LCGs being dirt-cheap.


I’m a bit curious about the “deckbuilding rules provided in the Learn to Play booklet” bit. I wonder if they’re the full deckbuilding rules, or something analogous to the Netrunner core set’s “shuffle all the cards for one faction with all the neutral cards for that side.”

My guess is that they’re not the full deckbuilding rules, because they wouldn’t want to devote too much time to waiting for people to build decks. I wonder if the “special rules for this event” are to add a little more flexibility without making things complicated enough for deckbuilding to drag out.