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Living the dream


One of the top MaxX players in my meta basically cut apocalypse for 2x Employee strike. He loves it for all of MaxX’s worst match ups: Blue Sun, CI, RP, and sorta IG. That and apocalypse is a little tricky to pull off against a lot of decks, and crisium grid is very popular.


Played Titan versus @spags with Dumblefork.
Swordsmen got 3 Fausts, Lizzie Millls trashed two Wyldsides. Good times.


Having a medical breakthrough installed naked and none scored. they legwork and hit only the medical breakthrough in hand last click, letting me score out the naked one on the table to win the game.


Had an unrezzed SanSan, and a card with two advancement on it. I had a rezzed SanSan as well. The runner had just gotten hit by Archer, and so spent the turn recovering.

I installed a card on the rezzed SanSan, advanced it once, scored Breaking News, rezzed the other SanSan advanced, scored Market Research. Good times…


Got a rezzed SanSan. Draw an astro with Political Dealings active, install it on the SanSan. Advance twice and score. Team Sponsorship another Astro from hand, advance, counter score. Team Sponsorship again for breaking news, counter, score.

5 Points in 3 clicks. Shoulda had a Clot.


Oh hey, look at that, we are back to actual dream scenarios, for a while there there was like “I ABT:ed 2 ICE” or other “normal” good stuff happening :laughing:

That is the dream when including PD in a yellow deck :smiley:


This happened a week or so ago but I never posted it. NEH vs Noise. Installed 15 Minutes and rezzed the SanSan, advanced it. He spent his only Clone Chip on a Clot.

Next turn he ran it and I rezzed 3 Franchise Cities with mostly Mumba credits.


As a corp player these days, even beta testing 2 decent ice is a victory in my book


I was playing ETF against my brother (his third game) as Gabe and turn five beta tested Turing/Architect/Assassin. I felt kind of bad.


Small Store Championship, first game in the round lasted 60 minutes, I have around 5 minutes left to play my Corp game. I played Jinteki PE.

Turn 1 Mushin-no-shin and install Komainu on RnD.
Runner installs Aesop’s and runs remote: Junebug.



how are you alive?


hand-size death triggers at the end of my turn. If I manage to win prior to that, no harm done. :smiley:


I’m guessing that was a triple Hyperdriver infinite stamherk powerturn?


No, it was Quality time and then took 4 brain dmg from Janus, but saw 4 cards in R&D, among which the winning agenda :wink:


Testing out some new decks last week i managed to drop a HQ interface click 1 and then click 2 run into 2 snares in hq haha. weyland deck too. The dream was lived, just not by me!


Using Surat City grid and Brain Taping Warehouse to make a disgusting remote consisting of Heimdall 2.0, Janus 1.0 & a Wotan (total rez cost would be 40 credits under normal conditions). I was living the dream until it quickly became a nightmare whereby my opponent installs D4 & e3 and runs through it for 3 D4 counters and 8 credits to win the game.


Yes, you lived the nightmare.

@rojazu you’ve just been introduced head first to the brick wall that impedes the progress of all brain damage decks


Today I had one of the most amazing games of Netrunner: My Gagarin against the single most heavily metagamed Noise I’ve ever seen.

Turn 1, he plays Hacktivist Meeting, which would go to stay on the table the whole game. He also plays Imp and trashes my first asset. When that runs out, he plays another Imp. Then uses a Clone Chip on Imp.

I keep playing assets.

He plays Hemorrage and starts to pluck hands from my hand on top of his mill. I’m forced to use my Jacksons and draw assets just to I can discard them. I manage to stick a Museum behind a piece of ICE.

He plays Archives Interface and starts plucking cards from my hand, then removing them from the game.I keep playing. A rezzed Daily Bussiness Show finds me ICE to close down the servers.

He slows down a bit and I start to get money. I think I might do this! But he won’t go down easily, he plays a SECOND hemorrage, mills cards through his ability and hits me even harder.

I’m agenda flooded so I rez assets just so I can discard at his end of turn and put them back in the deck with Museum of History.

Like 40 turns later, he’s out of cards, he hasn’t scored and he makes a last run on Blacklist. He kills Tour Guide, he dumps his hand to beat Ashigaru and then I beat another one. AND YET HE STILL ATTACKS. EVERY TURN HE CHARGES UP HIS HEMORRAGES AND JUST MAKES ME DISCARD, MORE AND MORE.

Slowly, I advance my first agenda, drawing two cards each turn just so he couldn’t force me to discard. With only 2 points, he concedes.

I’m impressed of myself!


I’m playing a PE kill deck against a shaper (Jes, I think). I start preparing for my kill, and I Mushin a Ronin + Advance to start, waiting for a chance to pull the trigger. Meanwhile, my opponent plays safe and builds a board state with multiple Fan Sites, Artist colony, and then a Bookmark. Eventually with 14 cards on it.

Bookmark. Ugh. Ronin is a waste, so I hit it with Back Channel to bank some money and plan how the heck I’m going to get a kill shot through Bookmark. I think of threatening a kill just to burn the Bookmark, but then he plays another.

Eventually I Mushin + Advance a Fetal AI, then IAA Cerebral Overwriter. He still doesn’t bite, building his board. I draw into Philotic with a Mushin in hand. Mushin the agenda, advance Fetal to five, pass the turn.

Runner runs R&D with RDI, hits a Fetal, pays to steal and ends the turn with the single agenda scored and four cards in hand. During my first scoring window I score Fetal AI, doing a point of damage and popping two Fan Sites to his score area.I then score Philotic for 3 damage for the kill.

Timing is everything.