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Living the dream


Words cannot express. End of process


Living the nightmare.

Playing Nisei Division

Got a whole lot of new psi ice lined up in a server against crim, there’s a caprice at the bottom, and an agenda in there for me to score. The ice is Upayoga into cortex lock, with a clairvoyant monitor rezzed.

Siphon. Employee Strike. Mother of God.

Living the dream.

I try to score a TFP in this same server, no caprice. Cause why not, gonna lose anyway.

Runner is at juuuust enough credits to break my now 2 Upayogas, but I have midway station grid in the server, making it expensive, and it looks like a fetal or napd. To be clear, it wasn’t, and I was on 4 points. He did not need to let me psi, but he didn’t want to go broke (good convincing on my part) we psi, I head game him for the win. The very definition of a game I have no right winning.

So yeah, whenever you guys want to hand me the psi master title, I’m waiting. It’ll look really good on my application to judge gencon, so hook a brotha up.


LIST PLEASE :smiley:


Just throw as much psi ice as you can, some future perfects, a little gfi and napd, add 3 caprice and leave batty as a 1 of, interns to eventually get them back since you’re not going to win every psi game (unless you’re myself, self you’re doing dandy).

Add a midway station grid to hopefully dissuade people from just breaking your ice all the time, and voter intimidation when it comes out and you got yourself a stew.

All this is long for, list when I get to my PC


Haha, yeah, the basics seem obvious I’m just curious about the “fun stuff” like Midway and such! :slight_smile:


Not too fantastic of a dream, but I was playing against a Sunny with all 3 of Sunny’s breakers. First two clicks the runner installs 2 RDI’s, 3rd click runs R&D. I rez Cortex Lock and Batty. Win the psi game and flatline the runner since all of those breakers left 4 unused MU.

It was rather fortunate for me, since my ICE suite was Ashigaru and Grail, both of which are pretty weak to Sunny’s Breakers…


Jeeves hb deck - haven’t seen any Jeeves. At 6 points with double Turing scoring remote thanks to ABT. Playing Geist. Siphoned to 0 with GFI in hand. Put GFI in remote because no ice rezzed on hq. Click for credits. Siphoned to 0 again.

Next turn - subliminal messaging, advance, 2x efficiency committee counters, double shipment from Sansan. Glorious


Playing as The Professor versus Titan Midseasons with plenty of murder.

I’m at a severe credit disadvantage and know he has the Midseason in hand, so I try not to steal agendas. However, he manages to trick me into running a naked remote, and I hit the Hostile. The clock is on.

I’ve got my Nerve Agent and Imp, however, so I run his hand. I access the Midseason and Imp it, and then access the last card in his hand… a second Midseason!

So third click, I install a Paricia so that I can trash my Imp, so I can clone chip it back. Then I run last click on his hand once more and trash the second Midseason.

It was one hell of a game.


Playing as Custom Biotics because influence is the best and ETF is for people who want to install stuff.

Playing against val, who is gearing up to blackmail R&D and dig for the win in 1-2 turns tops. Managed to get an ABT off early in the game before blackmail was found and snuck out another midgame right before things were about to go down the drain. I luckily hit Wall of Static with the second ABT, so I wasn’t totally defenseless.

I should mention that I’m playing 3x Domestic Sleepers because you gotta let the runner do the work. I have all 3 domestic sleepers scored, but I’m going to lose before I can spend 3 turns adding agenda points. I manage to add one token and my opponent begins his dig. I got very lucky during their turn as he only hit 1 agenda after seeing 10 cards (ManUps). My luck is going to run out as he is gonna see my entire R&D if I don’t win next turn though.

Living the Dream: Draw into exchange of information with sea source in hand. I click for a credit to barely tag him (trace 4 vs link 1 with 2 credits on his part). Exchange of Information away one Domestic Sleepers and take his stolen ManUps. Win 7-0.


Do you run midseasons?


Just pulled this off and I was super excited.

Turn 1: Lateral Growth install an ABT.
Biotic Labor. Score ABT. FIRE!!
2 Ice.

And I still had 1 credit left over.


Will make a Jeeves deck that can abuse lateral growth now


Playing a Jeeves HB deck against a Timmy siphon whizzard.

I put turning in HQ but my opponent put fem on turing and siphoned me. Net turn, put a second piece of ICE on HQ and got some money.

Opponent installed knight, moved it to the new HQ ICE, Deja’s for siphon and went to siphon me again.

What my opponent didn’t know is that he installed his knight on a magnet. The look on his face of pure disbelief was hilarious.

Bonus: I overinstalled 1 turning and he killed 2 others, putting all 3 in the heap. Once the third one died, I played reclamation order to pull back them all back. I eventually won due to him conceding after decking himself and having no breakers that could run through my centrals. I ended that game on 8 cards in deck.


Had a fun GNK match recently.

I’m playing core Weyland…against Edward Kim. Not the Anarch I anticipated. I’m playing for fun so I keep an opening hand of 3x Hedge Fund, Consulting Visit, Atlas. Open with turn 1 triple Hedge so Kim can’t hit them, he opens: Sure Gamble, Medium, run RnD twice. A pretty fair play in my opinion: if Ed RnD locks a kill deck, it guarantees you can’t draw into yellow taggy cards.

Except 2nd card down is a click four Snare!, I consulting visit for the flatline on my 5th click of the game.


Got the dreamiest of Weyland dreams today. I had a Mumbad Construction Co with the third counter being placed on it as my turn began; also at the beginning of my turn, I score a Public Sympathy. Double DBS showed me a Government Takeover. My hand contained double Dedication Ceremony and a Casting Call.

Click 1, Dedicate the Construction Co. Click two, Dedicate the Construction Co. Click three, Casting Call the Government Takeover, spending a measly 18 credits to win it in a single turn.


I finally got opening moves this week in physical form. Pulled off the accelerated diognostic scorch combo against my brother. He was not pleased.


Another great GNK match today, against the esteemed @aleph_c, where I managed to play:

  • Networking
  • Lawyer Up
  • Paper Tripping (removing 25 tags)

Not all on the same turn, of course.

Criminal: pretty good against tagging decks, you just have to play all the silly cards.


I wouldn’t call this living the dream as much as living the meme, but today I Exchange of Informationed a SanSan’d Breaking News for… a Breaking News. Just to stick the tags. :rocket:


Played the professor, won. This thread is really drying out, eh?

Seriously though, got hyperdriver x2 on the board with keyhole and just went to town on all the ice, hit a medium for 7 accesses, got other, and filled it right back up to 7 with the driver.


I’ve lived that dream multiple times. The Gamble for Days Professor build is really strong, especially now that IG isn’t everywhere.