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Long interview with David Stone, ANR designer

Interview with the Team Covenant guys at Gencon. You can skip some of the early stuff, but listen to him around minute 20.

Apparently we’re all dummies and there’s something we’re missing… must be Data Dealer.

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I think he’s talking about data leak reversal, still criminally underplayed even after Alex brought it to the game.

edit: I’m also going to go on record to say that this guy seems like kind of a prick.

I love Data Leak Reversal. But Jackson Howard is going to counter it…

i wish damon would have to play on octgn because maybe he’d see we didnt want an answer to noise…we want anti criminal cards.

noise is annoying but ill take noise milling my stuff every day of the week and twice on sunday if i meant i had a hard counter to account siphon and events in general.

damon can thank his own tournament rules for why people avoided jinteki and nbn not that we are all dummies and just couldnt figure it out.

the style of play he seems to be advocating involves dangling agenda points to set up tag punishment and net damage which was discouraged by the old tournament rules.

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Anyone have a transcript or at least recap of this? I refuse to watch videos where the only relevant information can be displayed in text and read 5 times faster than the video goes.

i wish damon would have to play on octgn because maybe he’d see we didnt want an answer to noise…we want anti criminal cards.

I think we want both.

Noise is amazing AND less interactive. Criminal crushes you, but at least its interactive.

Now we just need an account siphon counter.

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Relevant thing 1: if there’s an imbalance, they will institute bans or some form of limitation because the cycle to release hard counters is too long.

Relevant thing 2: there’s a card that got universally poopooed by podcasters (weird, I know) that could totally change the meta if people could figure out how to use it.

Relevant thing 3: he’s kind of dickish.

I think the part that was the most incorrect to me was how he thinks the problem with Jinteki and NBN is that we don’t “get” them.

At one point he says how a certain scenario he lays out wasn’t very bad because the Runner lost 6 credits to score a 1 point agenda. I think any runner is happy to score agendas all day long for 6 credits.


is there a wrong price to pay in credits and clicks for an agenda point? anything short of the corp trashing a breaker or inflicting lethal damage is probably a fair price for 1-3/7ths of the corps entire stack.

he also seemed to dismiss the idea the octgn meta was valid. all i know is the average level of play on octgn smokes the average level of play i see live. i dont think damon wants to think that unlicensed online play has established the meta but there is no way the play test groups have run the cards through the ringer the way the octgn crowd has. there is just not enough time in the day to play that many games live.

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If FFG turned design of this game over to a handful of Stimhack contributors, this game would be in infinitely better hands. Even one of us would do better.

Yeah, and what everyone is saying. This guy comes off (A) condescending and (B) like he really doesn’t have a very competitive meta.

Seriously, though, it’d be pretty funny if the top 8 at GenCon were Andy/HB mirrors.


I’m definitely expecting lots of Andy and Noise in the finals (which I think might be top 32).

I actually feel like NBN is on top atm with Weyland nearby (but maybe that is my idiosyncratic experience and HB is still dominant).

EDIT: and back to criticizing DS; now I can totally see him nodding and saying, during playtesting, “Monolith will be such a good card” (especially after hearing him suggest, in the vid, that players will use Net Shield and Muresh Bodysuit).

Yeah, I did a doubletake on that comment about Muresh Bodysuit.

no offence, but many comments here is more ‘pricky’ than this interview…

I play with a different group of playtesters, so believe me when I say Stone isn’t the typical tester both in persona and in knowledge. Though I must say it’s amusing that I’m better than them by a fair margin. Still, I agree there are those here that could positively influence ANR’s future, if given the opportunity.

FYI, Monolith initially had a cost of 11, but raising it was Lukas’s idea.

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Yeah, I think 11 is a bit too low, 13-15 seems about right. The big thing though is not really the +3 MU (Even though that does allow more shananigans with clone chip + SMC) but that you can discard cards you don’t want to avoid random discards from some dmg types. When Cyber came out, I had a Chaos Theory deck with stimhacks and noteriety. I can’t tell you how many times I could’ve won the game, but that stupid stimhack made me lose the 1 card I needed. (Noteriety)

Oh really?? hmm…that’s interesting… and about Monolith, yeah, I’m of the opinion it could’ve been set to 11 cost (or even lower: maybe 9)

And regarding the interview (@prozz), I found this earlier, shorter interview to be superior: more interesting and much more friendly/less off-putting/not condescending: http://youtu.be/cQxiwXFudUY

Monolith at 11 couldve been good.

I think the part that was the most incorrect to me was how he thinks the problem with Jinteki and NBN is that we don’t “get” them.

NBN doesnt have any problems now I think. Their problem used to be that Beale wasnt out yet.

Jinteki’s problem is that its easily hate-able with strong hate cards. And that when it loses it only gets 2 points, which is bad for match play.

I think closed accounts is the closest thing in the game to a counter to account siphon.

Yes. It helps.