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Most helpful info to track?

When you are keeping track of games played with different decks, what data to you collect?

Obviously, you want to keep track of IDs and wins/losses.

Is there anything else you routinely keep track of as you are taking notes or building spreadsheets to help you analyze your own play?


I have a notebook and make notes of misplays. Also cards that need to be swapped out when tuning decks.

I had a friend once who would track how much money he was making off power cards to actually get an idea of what they were doing for him. Mostly IDs so stuff like Gabe, Kate, EtF but I imagine the same could apply to scrubber, desperado, etc…

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When I was serious about winning, I’d track the usual stuff but also make note of any “interesting” situations or play lines I saw or made. Stuff like why I thought I won (or lost); if a loss, was it misplay, bad draw, or inadequate answers for the game plan the other deck had? Did I draw cards I couldn’t find a use for? Did my game plan work, and if not, why not? Did my opponent surprise me with something cool I hadn’t seen before?

Perhaps more qualitative than you were looking for, and it might sound onerous, but it really wasn’t. A couple sentences at most :).

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I think making notes specifically about how often the ID ability fired or was utilized might be helpful. I made this a regular habit while testing the new HB:AoT deck, but it also will help you determine whether your ID is the best fit for your deck goals.

I’ll sometimes keep track of how many times I drew a card vs used the card. It’s helped me identify the cards I can potentially cut. (e.g. In Sunny, I very frequently draw breakers and don’t want to install them, thus I’ve cut breakers until I’m at 2 of each.)

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In addition to most of what was suggested. I keep track of cards I liked in the match-up, and cards I wanted to see. This can help fine-tune the quantity of deckslots or maybe add solutions that the deck is having problems with.

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