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Mumbad Bad Cards Bracket - Grand Final

From the Kala Ghoda pack, welcome RR5B. Our first look at the six-of rule / consumer grade hardware swept the first round with only one or two votes against it, with little more resistance in the second round. Its drawback highlights its role not as card / stack protection but only as flatline / hand size protection. Is it just benefitting from being in the wrong meta at the wrong time, with no big brain damage decks floating around, or is it an even more intrinsic flaw that has got it to this point?

From the Democracy and Dogma pack, welcome Akshara Sareen. A neutral card with no influence cost is becoming a rarer thing these days, while cards that give you extra clicks are becoming more common. Akshara has defeated some truly bad cards to get to this point (Remote Data Farm and Harvester). Will a metagame full of 3/2 agendas give Akshara the boost she needs to go all the way?

Which is the worst card of the Mumbad cycle?

  • Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI
  • Akshara Sareen

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I firmly believe that everyone not voting for akshara are NEH FA players trying to trick runners into playing her.


and the people who are voting for her are FA players who really want their opponent to dedicate 6 deck slots to sub par damage protection?

Akshara is a card that Runners can conceivably use in a future meta. It is at least within the realm of possibility. The same cannot be said of Ramujan. I’m glad Ramujan is winning the vote. This is a no-brainer, no matter what the MTGs say :heart:


Ramujan is gonna win this so easily.
It comboes with nothing.

Aksara does indeed combo with things, but it’s on the corp side.

Poll closed, RR5B wins


Best card of the cycle? Here are 8 suggestions for each side

Museum of History
Mumba Temple
Corporate Sales Team
Palana (ID)
Exchange of Information
Mumbad City Hall
Consulting Visit

Making an Entrance
Artist Colony
Turning Wheel
Freedom thru Equality

I think mongoose deserves a spot there.


Does Bhagat really belong on the list? Especially when Hopper is missing.

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I agree mongoose/hopper were 9 and 10 on my list and could easily be 7 or 8 at the expense of something else. feel free to amend.

I just put it out there because I would rather celebrate the cards we play with than the ones we don’t.

This list is depressing. There are 5 cards I’d rather not be in the game :sob:. Corporate sales team is sweet though.

I think there has been some really good design this cycle, I love High Stakes Job especially, and a lot of the other runner cards.

It has however seen some of the most ‘card gamey’ cards in the game so far, by which I mean cards that function as engine peices or hard counters rather than as tools to assist in the core gameplay of Netrunner. I know it sounds weird, but it is how I think of things.

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by saying best, do you mean it’s best designed or just strongest.
There are many strong cards like mumbad packages and salmes but I think they are poorly designed. Now that I look at the list over and over, the few cards that I reluctantly admit well designed (in terms of making the game interesting) are here

Pālanā Agroplex
Corp Sales Team
Upayoga (hm…)
Mumbad Virtual Tour (I know, question mark here)
(I thought navy mcg would been on this but sadly no after testing :sob:)

Making an Entrance
High-Stakes Job
Artist Colony

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