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Mumbad Cycle


Consulting Visit is going to make my Blue Sun + Clone Suffrage Movement deck way more consistent.


Stand outs to me:

Info Sifting is pretty cool. I really like the idea of splitting accesses between two piles and giving the corp control. Its probably worse than legwork, but it also is only 1 to play? Probably won’t see play over legwork.

Out of the Ashes seems really good. But maybe that is me projecting. It definitely isn’t going to fit into traditional Shaper, but it has some potential perhaps.

Red Tape has me excited. Even if it is positional. I really like the idea of making spider web 5 strength. Sadly, this is not the Code Gate Weyland deserves. Instead this is Chum in disguise. But I want to believe.

Consulting Visit is probably the only alliance card you won’t spam with City Hall. It seems balanced, and good, but purposefully narrow.


Info Sifting is not always as good as a legwork but can be better then a legwork.


FIS into IS.
Vs a corp you have a strong read on
Vs CI (=D).

I will just play both use as needed.


Positional ice is as bad as its ever been, in the Age of Dumblefork. They need to start tacking weak secondary subroutines onto positional ice, I think – something to make them worth the 1c install fee in case the ice after them gets trashed.


I’m curious how Info Sifting will interact with effects that can move cards out of HQ after the piles have been created (e.g. Disposable HQ). Is this like Archangel, where moving the card to a new domain trumps the ongoing access, or is it like DBS/Raman Rai, where even when a card shifts areas it is still part of “that pile”?


Yeah, I guess I was just thinking about outside of Fisk. Fisk and FIS probably make info sifting better as you can force the corp to draw up to 4 extra cards and then access more of them then you could with a legwork.

Outside of those two cards though, there isn’t really enough I think to warrant its use over the tried and true “access THESE three cards”.

I really like info sifting though and I hope I am wrong. The card seems fun to play, which is something worth mentioning these days.


Holy crap, I just saw that Out of the Ashes has no “once per turn” limit. Get them all into the bin and you can make 6 clickless runs before your turn starts.


Is Puppet Master the first NBN 5/3 that seems playable? Especially in Haarpsichord.


I did not consider Haarp.

But how would you play it in Haarp? Mushin an puppet and throw down a 3/2?


I don’t think Neural Net is worth the trade for Chronos in IG durdle decks, but boy does it make the “hide the agenda game” that much stronger.

Jank Time:
Dedicated Neural Net scored. Caprice and Batty on HQ with at least 1 ETR protecting it. Keep 3 TFPs + 1 Vanity Project + something untrashable in hand.


It is in faction with Media Blitz.


And all you have to do is let the runner steal a 3 point agenda in order to have an effect that lets them know where to run next! =P


You can always score a breaking news and do Exchange of Information to swap for the 3 point agenda.

Granted, running a bunch of 3 point and 1 point agendas puts you in a really bad spot against Turntable.


But that’s what Exchange of Information is for, anti-Turntable!


The concern is, I think, that this only works so many times – especially if you’re running a combo of 3 and 1 pointers. You can trade your Hostile for a Cleaners, sure, but the next Hostile the runner steals is going to be a 3 pointer (and possibly the game, if they have anything else scored).

I don’t think it’s a great card just as anti-Turntable; I’m guessing if it sees competitive play it will be as part of some combo-womboey setup.


No Weyland ID - all the sadness.

Trying to decide whether Red Tape earns a spot in a Blue Sun glacier build. As for Consulting Visit, I like how it pairs with Subcontract flavor-wise. “Look, the consultants said that NBN would be the best way to find this asshole, and they already have some guys set up to take care of him.” I’ve just been desperately looking around for better Weyland murder options… don’t think this is it though. However, Consultants will likely point to some Oversight AI on occasion, which I would like a lot.


I mean, if you’re playing 1 and 2-pointers, then why not? Easy to score a 15-minutes or a Breaking News, then you have the option of grabbing a 2-pointer they stole. Bonus if they stole a Global Food. And if they do Turntable an Astro, you can theoretically get it back.


Also, note there’s no new ID in this pack. That means that either not every faction is getting a new ID this cycle, or there’s something for Anarch, Weyland, and HB as well as Harishchandra in the last pack.


Sadly, the last pack has already been spoiled. No new IDs for HB, Weyland, or Anarch this cycle.


Um, Dedicated Neural Net in IG anyone? Score this agenda, get permanent HQ defense. That feels a little insane.

Also, I’m not up on the Alliance-card-tutor decks, someone please go into what gross things are being enabled by Consulting Visit.