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Mumbad Cycle


Looks like a solid pack to me


If you get an Astro back, does it have the token on it? Does it matter whether the Astro was ever scored by the Corp before?


I really like the level of control that the corp gets with Info Sifting. For example, if you have two agendas in hand, they might steal both or neither with Legwork, but with IS you can either take that risk or guarantee that they’ll access one. Better yet, in Jinteki, you can offer them an agenda but force them to access all of your Snares/Shocks along with it.

(All the more reason for the runner to just stick with Legwork, unfortunately…)



It seems really strong in a glacier-ish build (It stacks!), but you need Ice Walls for that :confused:


More importantly, with IS now a thing, Remote Data Farm got that nerf we were all crying out for


I’m fairly sure if you scored an astro and they turntabled, and you swap it back it still has a counter.

If they steal an astro and you swap it won’t have a counter.


Is the design theory for Weyland, “Don’t give them many great cards except for tutors so players can find the out of faction singles they import”? I get that they are a consortium, so maybe it’s intentional flavoring…

Was just thinking about this as a 3x Consultant, 1x lots of other non-Weyland card decks are going through my head.


That’s a good way to think about it, for sure.

I’m most excited about out of the ashes, as it makes medium in shaper worth thinking about, makes notoriety and quest completed and apocalypse playable all on the same turn with no other cards being used. The interaction with comet makes that card worth playing I think. Lovely pack, I’m thrilled.


They will never make another HB identity


What would be the point, amirite? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exchange of Informatipn is the best NBN card they’ve mad since Data and Destiny. Sure, it doesn’t slot into every NBN deck, but the ones it does it has such a huge impact.


Point the first: Astro gets its token from its ability when it is Scored. Runners do not Score, they Steal, so it gets no token when Stolen. Also, Agenda text is inactive for Runners unless specified, so there’s that too.

Point the second: Nothing on Turntable tells you to clear a token on the Astro you swap for, so it keeps the token if it has one. The Runner cannot just decide to remove the token either. So, if you get it back, the Astro still has a token.


I hope you’re wrong, but hard to argue with your logic here. :wink:


I mean, even scoring a Breaking News off Astro or SSCG into Exchange of Information can be backbreaking, especially if it gets a great card back.

Doesn’t seem to mesh well with the 24/7 combo deck though - my first thought was to use it to get a Breaking News back so you could then 24/7, but since they have to be tagged in the first place to use it it seems less needed.


I really like Exchange of Information, but it seems like it might be a little too narrow. You’ve got this situation where

a) You really want to get agendas back (from the Turntable), but you don’t have much tagging other than BN so the Exchange will often be dead; or
b) You have ready tagging, but the other tag punishment you play (Closed Accounts, The All-Seeing I, Scorched Earth, Psychographics) crowds it out.

I think the biggest question is whether EoI is better than Psychographics in SYNC. Right now I’m falling on the side of “probably but needs more testing”. As for rescuing lost Astros, that seems a little too fancy for me.

  1. Score Breaking News with one click left somehow
  2. Exchange (of information) newly scored Breaking News for stolen agenda worth more points

Doesn’t seem that fancy.


Turning a Breaking News into a scored Global Food seems… pretty good.


It seems pretty solid for the relatively common situation where you’ve landed the tags but need to get enough time to win in. When they’re digging at R&D after the midseasons, it lets you swap 1-pointers for GFIs - let the run score the agendas for you!


Even better, swapping a 15 minutes for a Global Food.:slight_smile:


It’s a psi game, so only pseudo-defence. It has no effect against access replacement effects (and you can choose whether or not to use optional ones after the psi game). But only fires on the first run per turn, so nowhere near permanent. Still very good though, and you have to play it with Disposable HQ. It’s the rules (I just made up).