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Mumbad Cycle


The more I think about it, the more it seems that Exchange can let NBN control decks run lighter on the ‘hard’ ice and fast advance in favour of more tagging tools and punishment operations. If the only agendas you need to score are 2/1s and psycho-foods, do you really want astros?

Especially now that NBN meat damage decks get an operation tutor for no influence.


astro is too good not to include, imo


3 astro 2 gfi 3 BN 3 QPM in Sync.

Get up to 4 points with astro counter.
Install Advance GFI naked.
If they leave it alone you win, if they steal you then IA astro token a BN and swap it for the GFI.

Even if that isn’t game ending, lets say its your second score, you just gave them 2 tags to boot.


Clearly the answer is Turning Wheel+Au Revoir+Snitch.


On Information Exchange, let’s throw in some Clones are Not People. Looking forward to getting 7 points off the back of scoring 2 Breaking News.


(throws up in mouth a little)


I assumed it was Eli and my immediate reaction to the card was o shit waddap


Out of the Ashes seems like a Comet combo card?

I wouldn’t really want to put it in my deck if all I was doing with it was overdrawing and pitching (if you’ve ever played Test Run / Femme, you know it doesn’t feel great to spend clicks overdrawing just because you need something in your heap).


Does using Out of the Ashes ability while it’s in the heap count as playing a run event?


Yes. Exactly.

Ashes is the attempt at a shaper wyldcakes. The combo is:

  • Comet
  • Out of the Ashes
  • Patron

Patron is great draw, especially if you don’t pay the click to get the two cards. Out of the Ashes is an expensive run, but a later free run. With Comet, it is two runs (free with PPVP or public terminal).

The hope is that Out of the Ashes should read:

Cost 1: Draw 4 cards over two turns. Gain a click.

An example deck is below that shoows for a (hopeful) typical turn of

Draw 2 cards
Play other event (usually a run, often money)
Gain 6 credits.

It seems that all I make now-a-days are CT -rebirth-> Kit decks.

Comet Ashes

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (24)

Hardware (6)

Resource (5)

Icebreaker (3)

Program (2)

13 influence spent (max 15-1☆=14)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to The Liberated Mind

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


No. It isn’t an event. It is a card ability.


Yep, Weyland is a gross profiteering conglomerate. In Mumbad it facilitates transactions for its clients while pursuing a plausible deniability strategem. Like The United Fruit Company or Brown and Root, its interests are being safeguarded.


I definitely feel that you are better off not running public terminal and instead should just splash your prepaids if you wanted to make a deck like this.

Also, why not Brahman if you are going for some sweet draw? Brahman has been surprisingly good, even with its downside, especially with cards like Paricia, Cyber Cypher, Lady, D4v1D and Test Run.


Prepaids are great, I agree. But they give marginal gains in this deck as it is run-event heavy. So you hurt tempo less by playing the terminals (cost 1 vs 2) and they pay for themselves the first turn they’re out. Opus decks in the current meta need as few things to slow them down as possible.

If you want to use the influence elsewhere (my favorite place would be on emergency shutdown), then prepaids are fine. But they will slow things down a little. Alternatively, switch to kate, and don’t worry about it. However, I find that a 40 card deck is pretty important in comet decks. Not finding comet makes for very tedious games.

Brahman is just another deck. Not better, or worse, but certainly a different deck. I wanted to focus on piling on the events to emphasize the concept of the deck. Brahman lessens the event density significantly. Fun decks, though :wink:


I would hardly call 3 influence a “marginal gain” especially since you can comet into other powerhouse events, not just run events. When played out of Kate, its like you are playing the prepaids for the price of terminals.

Harkening back to the economic power of prepaid kate, with better draw is something worth investigating.

The concept is pretty solid, I am just saying I would definitely go in a different direction. Your idea for Ashes+Patron seems very intriguing and I plan on investigating it in a few deck archetypes.


Stick Out Of The Ashes in your DDoS-False Echo-Medium-Hyperdriver shaper deck. Discard all your Out Of The Ashes to race even faster through the rest of your setup. Have an even more awesome monster turn.



Yeah that’s definitely the immediately apparent home for the card. I think you probably cut all-nighters for these, All-nighter requires you spend a click or half a click installing, Out of the Ashes just requires you to overdraw.


I’m pretty sure PPVP and Kate are better than Public Terminal (6 inf? ew) and CT here.

It seems to me like the strongest thing to do is to try and stick some combination of Indexing + Freedom Through Equality (which is already pretty good without Comet or PPVP) and Notoriety (not on the same turn, obviously), using your extra Comet / Ashes clicks for enablers like Tinkering (Tinkering + Yog is pretty good in a Hive / Komainu meta) or Scavenge.

Day Job and Modded are also pretty good cards here.

Parenthetically, I think 6 Ashes is probably too many.


I agree. My second paragraph makes the same points.


Great reply and input.

In this deck, I’m not so sure given the paucity of HW/programs. If you focus entirely on events to maximize comet, then Kate pays off quite a bit less. If you make a more balanced deck with fewer events, then comet pays off less. 40 card deck is explicitly optimizing for comet as well. If you don’t have the console, it slows you down a lot. I’ve played quite a few comet decks, and I really can’t justify the console unless you optimize for events. Maybe Ashes changes that.

Anyway, I think this all needs to be tested given the new card. I’m sure the posted deck is sub-optimal, even in CT.

I love FTE. It is a great 1-of. Certainly has a place here. Never been a fan of Notoriety, but I’ve seen people make good use of it.

However, Tinkering is boss in a comet deck. I usually go 2x. It is a great

  • click 1: tinkering
  • click 1 (comet): maker’s/legwork/…

I completely agree it would be great to find a place for it here.