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Mumbad Cycle


The synergy with 15 minutes alone is ridiculous.

Imagine threatening to score an astro, but with a 15 minutes. Now, if they steal it, you can just shuffle it in, but if they don’t you can basically score Astros this way. If they do happen to steal an Astro, you have insurance in the form of this card. With GFI, it’s not even that risky. Now, non NBN uses of this card.

Thought about it, don’t want to get into it.


Liberated Mind is a great datapack, IMO. Lots of interesting cards and some cards I expect will make waves in the game at some point, including Chela, Rebirth, Exchange of Information, and Consulting Visit.


Exchange of Information seems like it goes in Sync because that seems to be the only way anyone has managed to make a home for tagging effects that are more nuanced then “and now I kill you.”

But man it looks exciting there.


I know I still want to make a deck that lives the dream by scoring a Government Takeover by letting the runner do the hard work and then swapping it back with SEA/Exchange.


You could include Ghost Branch and then slow roll that like you would a Government Takeover.


It’s easy to fake a gov take. The trIck in this situation is not losing once you get anything else scored. Also, there might be a perfectly good reason for the runner to let you sit with a ‹9 advanced card if he’s going to town and thinks he has to keep you from seeing agendas. The board and news team both seem insanely useful. In this particular situation I might want to add to make sure you don’t think I’m crazy for suggesting you might use the board in a non coaster situation. @pmavers Let’s both draw up a deck list!


Clones are Not People seems like a fun include. The threat of an outright win with Government Takeover is worth it, plus with one down on the table you can score a Hostile and have both the agenda for Exchange and the extra point to win on the play. The influence for everything will be tough to juggle, but man it sounds like fun.


Ghost Branch and Back Channels seem like a win/win for this concept.


And back channels is even in faction, almost like it was destined to be.


What’s funny is that if you land a boatload of tags it could very well cause the Runner to just go tag-me and dig for the agenda win.

GRNDL Factory feels like a possible include option, as well. Not as win-win if it gets run, but can bait the run or give you a payout by itself.


The ice isn’t porous like in NBN though, how would they just dig?


Silly internet. I can’t hear if there was any sarcasm or not.


You know, there was less than I thought :stuck_out_tongue: I realize now what I’m saying, as I’m playing Weyland on Jinteki RIGHT NOW.


If you can say one good thing about Weyland, it’s that their ICE is not porous. If you don’t have the right breaker, you will not get in, period.


There’s no negotiating that fact! :joy:

Bonus: It would be quite the errand to disprove!


*Zeromus’s Retort
ICE- Barrier

->End the thread

23 STR


Dies to D4+Knifed. Thread back on! :stuck_out_tongue:


Errand or no, here’s the data:

Weyland and HB are tied for the most ICE with the words “End the run” somewhere in their text at 15. But, if you look at ICE where the only way* to get through them is with a breaker (i.e. remove any ETR if or clickthroughs or traces), Weyland wins in a landslide.

Of course there are exceptions, if Weyland only had ETR ice they’d be worse off then they are now (though their non-ETR ice is pretty bad with the exception of Cadeuceus and maybe Wormhole).

*I included the ICE with hard ETRs given some condition (i.e. Ashigaru, Tyrant) with the assumption that if you’re rezzing them, they’re useful. You can take them out and hardly change the numbers at all.


Here’s an idea - get Exchange and tagging in hand (Midseasons/SEA?), plus a money advantage. Include Fast Track x3. Tutor up Government Takeover and plop it down. Score it with Exchange or by paying the iron price. Have Clones are Not People out for extra hilarity.

Sounds delicious, but you have to be up two agendas without them having any points (to instant win). Not impossible, just hard to engineer. I just wish more of the fun pieces were in faction.


Oh, hey, the Upcoming page is updated. Fear the Masses is “Shipping Now.”