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My attempt on nbn

hi, here is my recent shot at nbn.

###nbn kaboom (49 cards)

Agenda (11)

Asset (12)

Upgrade (6)

Operation (2)

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (10)

its basically credit denial/fast advance thing. each card i install is expensive to trash. there is some nice suprises in ice set as well as some ambushes. id love to hear your view:

  • how to finetune this deck more?
  • it’s pre c&c, how do u view it in post c&c meta. any cards that may improve it?

best regards!

The main problem is a lack of any reliable economy at all.
Pad Campaigns and Marked Accounts dont usually give much money, they mostly drain the runner a bit, but in some cases are free to trash (Imp), and in others actually feed the runner (Bank Job). Imp still kills for free even with encryption out. (And given that Shaper can now tutor for and recur Imp, it should be very prevalent).

The best way for NBN to get money is to protect a Melange, at least for a while. Other good ways are Hedge Fund, Adonis, Caduceus, Shadow, and Popup Window, among others.

Regarding ICE, I’d fit in the third popup, and use some real Barriers. TMI is good at one thing: Rezzing in front of HQ to stop an Account Siphon. Aside from that its quite bad, and has trouble actually getting rezzed, it usually drains both players money and stays unrezzed, which is good for a runner with an economy, and bad for a corp most of the time.

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