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My Janky (Winning!) Rielle

Firstly, I take back all that I had said about Kit. The issue is that one can not expect her ability to play a major role past early game. However, I think that, given time, people will find builds with her that exceed Katman. Here’s my own, which has been wildly successful.

[URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/rielle-kit-peddler-transhuman-creation-and-control]Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Transhuman[/URL] (45 cards)

Event (11)
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/diesel-core]Diesel[/URL]
2 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/escher-creation-and-control]Escher[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/modded-core]Modded[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/quality-time-humanitys-shadow]Quality Time[/URL]

Hardware (11)
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/clone-chip-creation-and-control]Clone Chip[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/akamatsu-mem-chip-core]Akamatsu Mem Chip[/URL]
2 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/plascrete-carapace-what-lies-ahead]Plascrete Carapace[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/r-d-interface-future-proof]R&D Interface[/URL]

Resource (10)
2 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/aesops-pawnshop-core]Aesop’s Pawnshop[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/armitage-codebusting-core]Armitage Codebusting[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/ice-analyzer-creation-and-control]Ice Analyzer[/URL]
2 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/sacrificial-construct-core]Sacrificial Construct[/URL]

Icebreaker (8)
1 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/corroder-core]Corroder[/URL] [color=#cf3713]••[/color]
2 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/deus-x-a-study-in-static]Deus X[/URL]
1 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/faerie-future-proof]Faerie[/URL] [color=#444f80]•••[/color]
2 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/gordian-blade-core]Gordian Blade[/URL]
1 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/ninja-core]Ninja[/URL] [color=#444f80]••[/color]
1 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/snowball-trace-amount]Snowball[/URL]

Program (5)
1 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/imp-what-lies-ahead]Imp[/URL] [color=#cf3713]•••[/color]
1 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/magnum-opus-core]Magnum Opus[/URL]
3 [URL=http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/self-modifying-code-creation-and-control]Self-modifying Code[/URL]

Ice Analyzer is a godsend. Not only does it synergize with almost all forms of program installation, it’s great Aesop bait as well. I typically get about 12+ credits out of all my Analyzers per game. Deus X/Faerie works wonders with Sacrificial Construct and Clone Chip. Imp is the deck’s MVP, which allows me to stop SanSan, Midseasons, Scorched, and HB’s economic assets in their tracks, and it works wonders with Aesop and Clone Chip for recursion. This deck takes a massive dump on all corp archetypes except the most skillful HB players, and even then it’s challenging to counter.

I took this deck to two mini-tournaments and it went undefeated both (about 12 showed up to each; I played 8 games with it), and this deck VERY rarely loses on OCTGN.


I don’t see any clonechips in this list though

Whoops! I was wondering how I had room for 3x Sure Gamble. Fixed.

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I really dig the influence spent in this deck, seems very solid.

Curious on running two Dues Ex though. One wasn’t enough?

It can be, especially once Jinteki settles down a bit, however for now I haven’t regretted having two in, due to Oversight AI/Bioroid equivalent and all the net damage out there.

One thing however, is I’ve been toying with alternating that Faerie for a second Imp.

In the end, I’ve stopped using Kit, sadly. After early game, she feels like a typical Shaper that doesn’t use any subterfuge, and doesn’t really take control of the game. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I took her to a mini-tournament last night and she won one out of four, so not exactly pleased. The runner should be in control of the game, and with her I felt anything but.

Also, I took out Sacrificial Construct, as it doesn’t pair with Deus X (silly of me to think it did), and therefore it only works on Faerie. Replaced with Dirty Laundry I believe.