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My Time Is Null (A Whistleblower's Thread)


Paperclip is likely better, but I’d like to see what a full fixed rig can do. Maybe Forked, because barriers have fewer subs than sentries and yog is the decoder. I think NRE is too good here to pass over for another lotus solution. Maybe Medium and Nerve Agent on their own are good enough to leverage cheap runs. Desperado for efficiency, but might have to play djinn for mem. Eek.


There’s no compelling argument to play Nerve Agent now that Bhagat is out. Before, the MU and credits for Nerve Agent were rarely worth the tempo hit and potential workaround. Now, it’s indefensible IMO


Ok, I had a go at it. There are so many ways to reduce the strength of ICE that I hardly even need Null in this deck


I, too, tried the “real-time parasite all the things” Null deck. My first iteration the influence was Levy, 3x Parasite, & 3x Clone Chip, because those are The Good Cards. But I actually think 2-3x Personal Workshop is better, since the Levy is rarely needed & the Stimshop economy is pretty sweet. With 3x Deja Vu & Workshop doing the real-time installs, you don’t miss Clone Chip.

It’s a fun deck & feels distinctly more Null than standard good-stuff Anarch, but does run into the problems that @Lttlefoot points out (too many cards doing the same thing) & also just beats up on an already-weak archetype (glacier) while getting destroyed by asset decks & CTM in particular. Still fun, 11/10, would run again.

Edit: Oh I forgot, my icebreaker was Darwin & I went full-on Progenitor-Hivemind because Why Not. Probably better than Wyrm, but almost everything is.


I played Null yesterday with Mediums, Grimoire, Parasite, Datasucker, etc. Bhagat, Knight, Paperclip, and NRE were other notables. I was able to get through Curtain Wall and other big ice without much issue, but I had to sacrifice Knight anyway because Blue Sun bounced the ice.

Null’s ability was reasonably impactful and, I think, can make it hard for your opponent to math whether their remote is safe or not, at least until they get used to the matchup.

Mimic and Yog are crap. That’s about it.


I feel like Null is a reporter of some kind, so he should do Corp scandal/blackmail. /thread


Anyone doing this with Darwin and parasite recursion? I’m slotting in ice carver, datasucker, scrubbed, and Darwin. Overkill? Probably!


I’ve got a deck like that a few posts up but no Darwin. My plan is to never need to break a sub, unless it’s Architect / Lotus Field / Magnet


Is Darwin any good in a meta where CVS exists? Being able to, mid run, force you to encounter an ichi with a zero strength Darwin seems like a problem.


Where there is play there is counter play, if you suspect CVS, council it, or run early in your turn like you should be doing vs hb anyway.


I went this route, spending my influence on Personal Workshop for real-time viruses. It was actually better than I thought but I used Null’s ability about once per game on average, it’s almost certainly better out of Noise.

I went full-on Progenitor-Hivemind-Surge BS with it. There isn’t a lot of CVS in the meta right now since Noise is gone and viruses purges don’t matter as much with Surge or if you keep things on PW until you need them. Main problem was setup speed and finding the right pieces early since there’s so much order dependence (need Progenitor first, ideally Grimoire before Hivemind, ideally Hivemind before other viruses…). Darwin’s also pretty expensive & Wraparound continues to be a pain.


I’m starting the testing process on this.


Null: Whistleblower

Event (29)
2x Account Siphon ●●●●● ●●●
3x Credit Crash
1x Cyber Threat
1x Day Job
1x Demolition Run
3x Dirty Laundry
3x Déjà Vu
3x I’ve Had Worse
1x Immolation Script
2x Knifed
1x Rumor Mill
3x Run Amok
1x Scrubbed
1x Spooned
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (6)
3x Prepaid VoicePAD ☆☆☆
1x Sports Hopper
2x Vigil

Resource (2)
2x John Masanori

Icebreaker (2)
1x Corroder
1x Mimic

Program (6)
1x D4v1d ☆
2x Medium
3x Parasite ☆☆☆

8 influence spent (max 15-7☆=8, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Blood Money

Deck built on https://netrunnerdb.com.

The games on Jinteki.net went well tonight and were fun. Magnet is a card, though. Got locked out in one game versus ETF by Magnet. NEXT folded hard in another game. Blue Sun got crushed. I didn’t get to play any NBN, that’s where the Credit Crashes are best I think. the Spooned is for TB only

I’ll be working on lyrics for the list as well.

You used to call me on my PrePaid
Late night when you need my Bugs


No paperclip?


It’s funny how slow people have been to go away from corroder and embrace paper clip. it’s one of the most clear examples of power creep we’ve seen. Yes there are cases where corroder is better, but they’re very rare. especially in faction.


The higher install cost is a bigger deal than it looks. It’s not just the fact that it costs 2 more credits, as that’s negligible, but it’s the fact that you have to have money to make money, and sometimes paying 4 puts you beyond the easy Sure Gamble or Liberated Accounts threshold, whereas maybe installing a Corroder wouldn’t. It’s sorta the same reason a lot of decks still pick Zu over Gordian.

Also, Anarchs have lots of recursion options as is, and it’s not as if they were desperately needing a better Corroder in faction. To me, Paperclip is a reason to not play Corroder in Crim or Shaper, not really for Anarch necessarily.

At least, this is my theory anyway.


3 credits is pretty much where that line of ‘too much’ is, so Zu does get the nod often. Also Gordian’s ability to hold strength during the run doesn’t matter very much currently, while paperclip’s ability to never be trashed forever matters a whole lot to a deck that packs only Deja Vu for recursion. I’d rather get another 2 parasites instead of having to burn a Deja on a Corroder that Batty blew up.

(Oh and Deja -> Corroder = Paperclip install. If that was already palatable for you, Paperclip is just better.)

And even better! You want to overdraw and dump Clippy, so you don’t ever have to install it unless you need it, something Corroder literally can’t do.


Also Inject.


Virus Breeding Grounds or not ?


Also MaxX :slight_smile:


No Virus Breeding Grounds, which I’d honestly forgotten about. But they’re too slow and I’d rather have card draw or Surge, which is just fun.