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NAPD Contracts vs Fetal AI in Jinteki RP

I’m pretty new to the game overall so I’m wondering what you guys think about the merits of Fetal AI over NAPD contracts in a Jinteki PD deck (one that is focused on work compression). Is it better to thin out a runner’s grip when their turn is already inefficient due to the PD identity (often magnified by an Enhanced Login Protocol) or is it better to force them to have 4 to spend instead of the 2 to steal the agenda? Or is it just not a big deal either way?

I know it’s also somewhat specific to what other net damage threats a runner can expect to face (since they don’t really know) but it is Jinteki after all. Even without the PE I don’t think a runner feels super safe with a small grip.

The two credit difference is no joke. You might get a lucky kill or some interesting disruption off of a Fetal but most of the time those two credits can make a huge difference.

The extra advancement is also noteworthy. Sometimes you want that extra click, say to install Caprice, Install NAPD, Advance.


I did miss the extra advance cost. Outside of that, I think one could make a case for Fetal because I think (and correct me if I’m wrong) the runner often has an easier time re-gaining money than cards. At worst, they’re drawing even - one click for either a dollar or a card. Of course, it probably is a bigger disruption to not have the money because making a run with less money is probably worse against PD than making a run with fewer cards. As is, you’re probably right that that’s why the mainstream choice is NAPD

First off, when you say the PD Identity you mean Personal Evolution, yes?

“One that is focused on work compression” is a really vague description. How are you compressing the Runner’s work? As I understand it, there are different ways to give the runner more work than they can handle. In Replicating Perfection this manifests as taxing clicks (until Order & Chaos comes out, a resource that is rather inflexible). In Personal Evolution it’s not having enough cards to be able to afford checking every remote (Effects that give better draw than 1 click for 1 card are rather inflexible, such that it’s often more efficient to focus on preventing the net damage).

Okay, back on topic. Yes it is specific to what other net damage you’re running in your deck. If you’re running lots of Net already, I would suggest adding more, and exhaust the Runner’s ability to draw/prevent Net. If that’s your only source of Net, then as you said, Runners will already be playing cautiously because you’re Jinteki, and the Net is unlikely to hurt as much.

Look at your other agendas. Fetal and NAPD are both agendas that you would rather the runner steal or try and steal than you to score uncontested. So what can these agendas masquerade as? In RP the NAPD looks like a Nisei Mk.II, in PE a triple advanced Fetal looks like a Ronin, Philotic Entanglement, or Future Perfect. Similarly examine your Ambushes. If the runner has already seen an NAPD they’re less likely to bite on a double advanced Cerebral Overwriter than if they had seen a Fetal. Also what if you do have to score them to win? NAPD is easier unless you’re running Bad Publicity. How hard are are you taxing credits? In decks like the PE Cambridge run a minimal amount of ICE, and even give the Runner credits with Medical Research Fundraiser. Clearly Fetal is the better choice here, as the 2 credit tax doesn’t matter nearly as much as the 2 (+1) Net. RP however runs lots of multi-sub, at low-mid strengths, costing the Runner oodles to even play the Caprice game for a chance to steal the Agenda. Here the NAPD is either unstealable at the end of the server, or opens a scoring window when the Runner finds it in R&D.

These are the considerations I would give between the two.


I did mean RP whoops. Title edited to reflect. The main methods of compression are click compression with Replicating Perfection and Enhanced Login Protocol, making runs very click-intensive. This is mixed in with a ton of “end the run” subroutines, effectively creating a situation where the runner can’t get done what they need to

I beg to differ.

One time I won worlds because NAPD cost $4 to steal


So it’s no big deal then haha

Unless your opponents are likely to hit Fetal and die, NAPD tends to be better because its 4 adv and not 5.


Napd costs twice as much and can look like a nisei. If valencia español starts being played heavily then there might be a reason to switch, but definitely not until the big box.


The 4 adv vs 5 adv is actually the biggest reason to play NAPD imo. If Fetal was 4 adv it would be very debatable.


But that was last year… This is 2015 :blush:


I really think NAPD is just too good, and like others have said, that extra 2 credits make a lot of difference.

That said, I struggle more with Fetal AI vs Nisei MK II. While Nisei’s ability is definitely one of the strongest, if your priority is having agendas that protect themselves, Fetal AI’s extra 2 credits and 2 damage again make a lot of difference. Especially if you can control how much the runner spends on each access with Ash traces and Caprice bids. I’m also amazed at the amount of flatlines I’ve pulled off in tournaments (just two yesterday!), both at a local and national level, from people who assume I’m running the typical MKII/NAPD/Future Perfect package.

One thing about this comparison is that while Fetal protects itself (a bit… who runs on jinteki with less than 3 cards?) the MKII protects the next agenda. In RP with ELP up it can lead to borderline astrotrain levels of agenda security. The extra advancement requirement is not to be take lightly either.


Like I said, I believe Nisei MK II’s ability is tremendous in that regards! I’m just arguing that, depending on the player’s style, I can see why some would prefer Fetal AI. I prefer to leave my centrals porous but taxing for quite a bit of the early game – for my style, Fetals slow runners down while I get set up, and mixed with Snares dissuade aggressive multi-access.

You can afford to leave your centrals porous and taxing in basically any Glacier deck. Having TFP and NAPD alongside Nisei means that, while your deck is a little more vulnerable to accesses, you can seal up the late game if you score the Nisei. Sometimes, the runner will steal Nisei out of a central, and that’s sad and everything, but the benefit of scoring Nisei is often worth upwards of 10-15 credits along with a priceless amount of work compression on the runner. It basically wins the game in the vast majority of cases. I don’t think there is any amount of playstyle changes that make it worth giving that up.


Leave it up to @mediohxcore to come in and just own an RP thread. BOOM!

Sure, it’s probably 100% the correct agenda to include in any optimal/correct RP glacier deck, similar to Astroscript in any NBN deck. Still, I think the ID can have alternate playstyles that aren’t as effective/competitive as a tier-one approach, say untrashable or a flatline-focused RP where Fetal might be preferable. Hell, in that janky latter example, one might even argue to include Labyrinthine Servers for their kill servers over Future Perfect ( jk, jk :oP ).

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If I can’t stop you, play 3 RSVP.

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While I think NAPD beats Fetal in your typical RP Glacier deck for all the above stated reasons, I think running 1 Fetal instead of a 3rd Future Perfect makes a ton of sense. It slightly reduces the chance of a runner stealing a 3 pointer, plus it gives Komainu a lot more teeth. I hate seeing desperate Runners go through Komainu with no cards in hand for a last-minute win. Fetal makes that a lot tougher to do. I also run 2x Shock for the same reason, along with protecting archives and energizing with Celebrity Gift.

Basically, I think 1x Fetal, 3x Nisei, 3x NAPD, 2x Future Perfect is the right agenda mix in RP.