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Nationals - distribution of prizes

Hi there!

I’d like to know about the de-facto distribution of Noise promos at the Nationals in Europe and in other places. I’ve heard that there’s more than 200 Noises in the tournament kit, and they sell at ~$50 on ebay at the moment. I understand that in USA there can easily be that many participants, but in Europe and in other countries it will hardly get to 80. So there should be a lot of leftovers. My question is, where do these leftovers usually go? Do the organizers distribute them among the players, or do they usually keep them to themselves to sell on ebay?

I played in three Regionals, there were 16-24 players in each one of them, and the organizers gave 3 copies of Corporate Troubleshooter to every player. Is the situation with Nationals commonly similar, or do the TOs say something like “It’s an Identity card, you don’t need more than one copy of it” and keep the rest for themselves?


In France, some of the extra Noise were given to the volunteers who help for the organization of the tourney, some the others were given as price for the ranking after top 32 (I think), also remaining playmat, alt cards and box from regional / store / Chronos were given for the rank between 8th and 109th :slight_smile:

At the German nationals two Noise were handed out. 1st at the start, the 2nd at the 5th round of swiss. We were 85 players. What happened to the remaining Noise I don’t know. I assume the Heidelberger Spieleverlag kept them as price support for other tournaments since an even distribution between players wasn’t possible.

In Australia 2 noise were given to each player. I believe games lab kept the spares. There’s no good way they could give them out anyhow.

Finnish Nationals about 40 players and I gave 4 copies to each player. Rest I have been dealing as a promoting prizes in tournaments: you get Noise once if you attend a tournament in Finland and didn’t play in the Nationals.

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In Poland every Nationals player got two polish version - Jazgot (so I got 4 because I was with my girlfriend) and as a local TO I got 10 to distribute them locally. I’m making a local tournament for them.

Arto, seriously, I’m really glad for the Finnish community that they have you. I beleive that Nationals should be run by the community itself, not by some club that monopolizes the official distribution channels and hoards the prizes to sell on ebay.


In the UK, they gave 1 to everyone who made the cut, and everyone who played in the side event. The other 200 or so noises just dissapeared into the ether, with the promise that they’ll be distributed to TOs across te country.

Man, that’s sad.

FFG handled the US Nationals, so, they obviously kept any ‘extras’ they had. Per their ‘please don’t drop’ policy, they handed out one at the beginning of the tourney, and one at the end. Thought they’d give a third to anyone that made Day Two, like they did with Private Security Force the year before, but, alas, they are cheap.

FWIW, handing out a Unique card at Nationals is lame, IMHO. If they do that at Worlds, it will be the last time I attend.

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Yeah, if they’re not helping people get there, it’s a bit of a pain for people unable to fly across the US. If it was like that for Worlds… wow, yeah, eek. That’d majorly suck.


I made Day Two at nats last year and only got two PSF :). But then I had a high fever so maybe I just missed the handout.

I’d definitely prefer to see non-unique cards, I think.

You know, you’re right. They only did that with the Elis at Worlds last year. Man, no WONDER PSF is so high priced! They handed out even less than I thought!

I guess that’s the tradeoff - Worlds is inaccessible to Europe players, but Nationals promos are unavailable to most US players (and Worlds too).

I would drive 2-3 hours to go Nationals, not pay $300+ for a flight plus boarding/food for Nationals/Worlds in Michigan, which was bundled with an expensive GenCon ticket.

Do people really go to Worlds to get promo’s, and if FFG doesn’t do the promo’s that you like you won’t attend? That seems really strange to me…

I’m not going to world for promos, I want the promos to go to worlds. Driving cross country (or flying), plus a hotel can get really pricey. Having non-unique promos really opens up the secondary market. This makes it possible for me to attend since I can anticipate recouping a portion of my costs.

Have they released what the prize support is for worlds? I’ve looked, but I may be inept.

Ah, that makes sense. So, do the unique promo’s (we are just talking about IDs, right?) really have less value generally? I thought Kate was one of the more expensive promos out there, yeah?

FFG did hand out a third alt art Noise at this year’s U.S. Nationals to anyone who played through the final day.

Well, I didn’t get one, then.

The promos help to pay for my trip, so, yeah, that is one of the reasons I go to Worlds. Sue me.

I actually don’t have anything planned for Friday, so I’m actually giving the 40K game a whirl, 'cause, worse case, I can resell the product and the promos.

I was thinking about playing 40k also, but then I thought it would be fun to just hang out and play board games/last minute Netrunner practice. Also, take no offense @spags, wanting valuable promos to pay for the trip is totally fair - I was just confused.

No worries. We’re renting a car, paying for gas, the room, the entry fee, etc. All of that is paid for by promo sales. We reinvesting all of our winnings into the game.

Trust me, if I were a ‘mercenary’, I’m def. in the wrong game. :money_with_wings:

The 40K game does look good.