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NBN Yellow Jackets: 1st and 2nd at San Antonio regionals

Name made at 3 a.m. on the drive home. Our entire carpool decided to bring this deck, and on the day it went 22-6, with 3 of the losses being to people from the carpool who had been adjusting runner decks to keep up.

Identity: NBN: Making News

Cards: 49 / 45
Agenda points: 20 / 20
Influence: 15 / 15

Agenda (11)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program
2x Breaking News
3x NAPD Contract
3x Project Beale

Asset (3)
3x Jackson Howard

Ice (17)
1x Bastion
2x Draco
3x Pop-up Window
2x Rototurret ●●
1x Shinobi ●●●
1x TMI
3x Tollbooth
1x Wall of Static
2x Wraparound

Operation (13)
3x Blue Level Clearance ●●●●●●
2x Closed Accounts
3x Hedge Fund
2x Restructure
3x Sweeps Week

Upgrade (5)
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY ●●●●
3x SanSan City Grid

NBN with the plan to make a remote, it’s very difficult to keep up with this deck economically without letting them push agendas through. The local netrunner youtube channel is going to upload a deck tech on this later in the week, so I’ll save some explanation for that, but I will say a lot of games were won by shinobi flatlines and 3 point beales. BLC and ash are hands down mvp of the deck.


I love the BLCs here. NEW IDEAS ARE GREAT. Looking forward to ze youtube.

What’s the correct counterplay/adjustment here? Opus-based economies? Something else?

Red Coats? Yellow Jackets?

Aesop turn his Pawnshop into a Haberdashery?


That settles it. As soon as I can figure the angle, I am naming a deck something with Haberdashery in.


opus works, anything with enough redundancies is fine, but it isn’t hard to snipe a kati, and it usually has a closed accounts in hands after a few turns. Maker’s eye + rdi runs where you’re accessing 4+ really hurt, as you have a fairly high agenda density for a deck planning on flipping tollbooths a lot.

Apparel based strategies are top tier


While the deck certainly looks strong (and given the placement it is a strong deck), it seems to me that it’s worst match-up actually is the traditional Andy build with Datasuckers and fixed breakers. What was the runner meta in the top-8 like?

This deck has several code gates and sentries over the fixed breakers strength, as you usually have the money to put at least one of the dracos at 4/5 (highest being an 8 strength draco on hq in response to knight siphon). Andy is obviously one of the stronger runners, but there isn’t anything specific that makes her good against this deck. The strong andy matchup is the original reason we started playing it actually.

I guess this is a better place for in-depth discussion that Facebook, so I’ll repeat my question here hoping to learn more.

This looks like a typical taxing NBN Never Advance build with one major change: asset economy (PADs, Market Accounts, sometimes Mental Health Clinic or Adonis) replaced with BLC and Restructure. This makes the deck cycle faster, earn more money, but tax the runner way less (because he does not need to trash those assets and has less unadvanced unrezzed cards (that could be Astro) to run on). How did the playtesting effects of both economy builds look? I played the asset version quite a lot and liked it but always preferred to spend influence on ice and Ash, so never got to trying BLC version.

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there are a few major upsides over the drip econ nbns.

  1. The payoff is much sooner, which means the runner has less time to set up economy. 1 Restructure is enough money for nbn to score 7 points. they don’t get to let you have a sansan for a turn because you don’t have money, you have the money.

  2. Security testing is a thing, marked accounts is a lot worse if their first click every turn gets to be “gain 3 credits and draw a card”. You can ice the marked accounts to prevent this, but unless it’s popup, you’re spending money to defend already slow economy.

  3. Setting them back early slows them down much more than setting them back later. A lot of your ice requires them to spend money when hit, so being able to pay for most of it turn 2-3 can make the runner very poor, as they are more likely to have to click for credits.

  4. It is much more resilient to siphon, being able to bounce from 0 to threatening amounts of credits in a few turns.


I like this deck quite a bit! Will definitely try it out.

My first thought is that BLC doesn’t play very well with Jackson. That is to say, it’s less useful if you have a Jackson out because he also accelerates card draw.

Have you tested it with Celebrity Gift? If so, why did you go with BLC? If not, do you think it would work?

I see splashing for the clearance cards as telling of the speed the deck plays, and that this deck aims at controlling the tempo their game. If they always wanted speed, they’d take tips, and if they wanted econ, they’d take Beanstalk or Celebrity Gift. BLC works best when you plan to play quickly against a late-game runner, or hunker down and outlast a more aggressive runner. Gifts would provide stronger money, but would slow them down comparatively and if the runner isn’t running, you will likely not need such a huge cash infusion. If in your own games, you find yourself going to late game more often than not (or vice versa), you would probably be well serviced by finding a different econ card.

Crazy that you guys are running so similar to my runner and corp decks. I like the deck. In mine I have one Scorched to keep the runner honest.

Are you getting these via IAA + Ash + AAA or what?

IAA, or single advance with an astro counter. single advance is a bit more common just because it lets you bluff napd. One of our players did manage to score 2 astros with the tokens still on, which lead to unadvanced install -> 3 point beale

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“Is there anything better than an Astro token?”



Two Astro tokens”


That was a Chicago Regional game for me. Got to 5 points early v. TWIY, but two Indexings hit nothing. He managed to score 2 APP with tokens intact. On his game winning turn, Howard/Howard/Biotic/Howard/Install-SanSan-2 tokens-GG.

Love me some NBN.

…oh, wait. The opposite.

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I like this quite a bit. Do you think you might change to the spoiled 17 inf ID if that turns out to be real? It nets you another Ash at the expense of the trace credits, but I don’t think the deck really needs the trace credits. The switch definitely appeals to me in principle.

I played one game with it tonight and will definitely be playing it more, especially if Lotus puts a damper on Suckers.

I feel like that identity plays better with asset econ, so it’d have to be a similar concept in a very different build. Trace credits are very nice for ash, shinobi and draco, those three would probably be changed

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Even if you don’t use any asset econs, the ID will probably worth you 4-6 cards, solely by playing Sansan, Jackson, scoring Breaking news from hand or score an agenda with the astroscript token or with biotic. Sure, you will probably draw more often by playing Pad Campaign and Market Account but in the end, i don’t feel it’s really worth it, especially compared to the drawback of enabling easy security testing server.