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NEH is the question. What's the answer?

I’m slightly skeptical about Hayley’s advantage against NEH vis-a-vis other shapers, particularly Kate. From my personal experience, she’s been slow to set up and unreliable. People keep talking about sac. con. but most lists I see play 0 to 1. What am I missing?

I’d say the lists that play 3 sac con. Other than that card, Hayley has no special advantage vs NEH.

I’d say it’s a very diverse Corp meta right now. IMO Runners should have game-plans and experience against these archetypes:

NEH 24/7
Haarp 24/7
Sol Paywall
SYNC Psycho

RP Glacier
PE Shell
IG Kill (and general experience)


BS Glacier
Rush, specifically Argus
Gagarin Shell (including @CJFM Temple)


At Oxford I managed to nick one off @vinegarymink using Fastro vs his whizzcakes. Alex is way better than me, but I never felt in control. Use that evidence as you will. I think Sam Burdock’s (he can probably cite sources, his is the first version I’ve looked at carefully) ProCo + Hyperdriver Kate with clot/Faust/other good Shaper BS is probably close to the best against a sea of yellow.

I think criminal should be good. But in fact I think yellow is amazingly resilient to economic pressure and can score out of hand from 0 creds. :-/

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installing cards super fast actually gives her fine setup time, and if you can clot lock, neh isn’t really that far ahead if they have astro scored. I easily came back from being down 2 astros with counters more than once.

Just like how a kill deck is fragile when its counter is played, so is pure FA


The “problem” with Sac Con, Clot is that it does not much/nothing against the rest of the decks, so dead cards. Or do we not care about maximum deck efficiency any more, we can just throw every anti-FA thing we have in there, crush Fastro and lose to the rest :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry bad argument, but you get my point).

TT, Medium can be used by all anarchs, not just Dumblefork, and we even see TT being imported into Shaper (any multiaccess works). TT, Medium is also useful in a lot more matchups than just being a Fastro answer, Food needs to be scored last, Vitruvius/Atlas/Nisei counters, any stolen 1-pointer can be trade for a 2-pointer (in some cases even 3 pointer), Swapping Breaking New from 24/7 for 15 minutes or even a 2-pointer is better dan dying righ?

TT OP :arrow_forward: MWL :cry:


Sac Con is also Batty/Power Shutdown (both outside of NEH FA) protection and it can at least be a free 3 credits if installed for free in Hayley and then fed to Aesop’s.

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I know influence is probably an issue, but I’d love to squeeze Faerie into a SacCon Hayley deck to make good use of them when you don’t need to Clot lock. Zero cost program, too, which is great for her.

@x3r0h0ur made just such a deck over in the Hayley thread.


Yeah, Faerie could be cool.

Like I said, I don’t lite Harbinger in Hayley, waste of inf. awkward and “too much money”. Swap them for D4 or Faerie, sure SacCon can give you one more use out of the Fae.

Also sure Sac Con can protect against Batty/PS, it does however not feel like it is what will make or break the matchups, rarely do I worry about those two cards. Really, you can find more or less fringe multi purpose use out of any card, does not make it good. What you want from tech cards is wide utility, especially in the matchups/instances where you tend to be a dog.

faerie seems like a waste of influence when you have sharpshooter in faction; d4 seems more correct

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Everyone, start gear checking with guard and news hound, the future is now!

Faerie is much more versatile and hands all sentries. Sharpshooter is narrow and only hits 2/3 or so of all sentries you need to break. I actually have been quite happy with 1 dave 1 faerie and 2 sac cons…as long as chameleon turns up in time.