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[Netherlands] Netrunner Day including tournament - Nov 6th, 2016 @ Comicasa, Enschede

Sunday the 6th of November, the Netrunner Enschede meta will be organizing their first Netrunner Day at the local and very awesome Comicasa gamestore. Not only will there be a casual tournament in the Onesies format, we will also be having demo games for people interested in learning to play and some small side activities.

↳ Style: Casual
↳ Start: 12.00
↳ Admission: 5,-
↳ Format:
↳ TO: Elwin // Jakuza

↳ Registered players (so far): 17.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1707203916268773/

Tournament starts at 12.00, demo games continue all day.

As Stimhack seems to have more of a US based player base (correct me if I’m wrong in this assumption), I don’t know how useful this post will be, but let’s just see. The Dutch Facebook group and our usual communication channels might just have missed some Dutchies :slight_smile:.

Sign me up!

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Btw, registration is recommended. Tournament might max out.