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Netrunner Achievements!

Tl;dr think this is a cool idea? Have ideas? This is the thread

I have been thinking about this idea for a while now, and I’ve decided to take it to the forums finally. I want to start the OCTGN Netrunner League, a new way for people to play A:NR that encourages all types of play, not just ultra competitive. There are many sub optimal cards in the game, but it really feels like you’ve done something special when you get them to work for you. I am sick of seeing just the absolute strongest decks when I play online, and while there are times someone plays a theme deck or something, usually you’re playing something decidedly not janky, and the game is a wash and there wasn’t much of a point to it.

Now there can be.

I would like to get people opinions on what the best way to set this up would be, since I don’t have much experience organizing things like this, a website would probably need to be set up with some sort of score tracking technology, but I have a firm idea of what the content of this would be.

There will be tiers of achievements, modeled after the system of achievements Microsoft has made for Xbox, and people would join a game on octgn intending to advance their achievement log of sorts, whatever gets put into place to track individual achievements.

It would be fun to have achievements based on deck building and in game plays, for example, winning a game with a theme deck, or having cards only up to a certain point in a game, for deck building, and achievements for certain baller plays like scoring a government takeover or something.

If people are interested, and I get the support I need, I would take this seriously and I think it would be fun to get people playing more interesting decks and playing differently. You might even find combos that are legitimately good in standard play that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise, or could simply augment your standard playing with the achievement system games have been used to since the Xbox 360 came out. There will be casual achievements, and hardcore achievements, so players who are immensely skilled can try to earn a badge for a turn 5 victory, or accessing 7 points in one turn. Anyone interested?

Edit: this doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to octgn, I’m sure if someone makes an app to track achievements, it would make table top more fun too.

Edit 2: So everyone understands, I’m going to work on a list of achievements, and work on how best to implement this, I am open to any ideas. I’ll post the list when it’s ready.

Edit 3: if anyone wants to help come up with names for the achievements, that would be great.
Edit 4: The one about trashing the caissa is called flipping the board, and that’s written in stone
Edit 5: I’m not a huge fan of milestone achievements (do x y times during your lifetime), and I’m not sure how they could be tracked, but if people like them that could be a thing. But feats that are harder to do during one game, or just silly fun ate better I think. Like, break 13 subs with blackat…thematic, right?
Edit 6: so seriously, I’m not giving up on this, please let people know about it. This isn’t some bullshit internet plea, this is a serious internet plea.
Edit 7: Alright, I’ll get to work on attracting redditors, bgg and whoever else towards this pile


My Pipeline> Your Mimic
Finish/win a game as faction with no imported ice breakers
Xenophobia/ Elitist Triumph
Finish/win a game with no influence spent.
Knives, Kats, and Mirrors
Win a game with only stealth breakers.
Win a game with only ai breakers. (As your only icebreakers)
Why Did I Do This Again?
Win a game with aurora/inti, pipeline/creeper, and leviathan/force of nature as your only breakers
I’ll Win My Way
Win a game without running on a remote server
You Lose Yours
Win a game only running on remote servers
Cold Blooded
Use unregistered s&w to trash 2 characters in a game
What Is This, 2012?
Win a game against noise without Jackson Howard
Without Our Savior
Win a game against noise with no Jackson and 7 points in archives
Nuisance Mining
Resolve data mine 6 times in a game.
This Game Is About Money, Right?/ Trust Fun
Earn 100 credits as runner/corp
Fried Exhaustion, With A Side Of Victory
Win a game against personal evolution with no cards in hand or deck
Who Needs A Brain Anyway?
Win a game with a hand size of 0
Not That Scary
Win a game with a hand size less than 0
No Thank You
Replace 2 currents in one game with your own.
Trace Away
Use power tap to gain 11 credits in a game.
Eventually I Will Kill You. Eventually
Attempt to inflict 15 damage over the course of a game
Smart or Dumb?
Rez an 11 strength iq
Better Start Playing Morning Star
Rez an 11 sub ashigaru
Use Kitsune and Hudson 1.0 in a combo successfully
Best Ability EVAR
Score a government takeover as your first agenda
Just Because I Could
Score 2 3 point agendas during the same turn.
Take That!
Score a 3 point agenda with plan b
No Seriously, Take That!
Score a government takeover with a plan b
Wandering Samurai Award
Inflict 15 net damage with ronin over the course of a game
Danny DeVito Award
Make a server with three trolls protecting any trap
Should Have Ran It
Deplete at least 36 credits with reversed accounts
Oh Noooooo
"Protect" a trap with caprice nisei (trap must fire)
I Can’t Tell Anymore
Win a game as personal evolution without making more than 1 remote server
Screw Your Knight
Win a game with no more than 1 piece of ice protecting a server at a time.
Flipping The Board
Trash more than three knights over the course of a game by overwriting ice
Seething Hatred With A Splash Of Spite
Win a game with zero credits against Reina Roja
Home Security Experts
Prevent Gabe from accessing HQ for an entire game
One At A Time
Prevent all multi access attempts by the runner (minimum of 1 attempt)
Moby Is A Dick
Spoon an ice with leviathan (minimum str 4)
Never Doing That Again
Knife an ice with inti (minimum str 4)
The Best Killer Ever
Fork an ice with pipeline (minimum str 4)
Tweaked Out Sketchball
Start your turn with 7 clicks (runner)
Let Me Click For Credits
Have 10 clicks in one turn (runner)
Beaten The Game
Make 11 successful runs in one turn
Never Had A Chance
Fast advance two agendas in one turn
Sponsored By…
Score all three research grants in one turn
Is It Worth It?
Make a scoring server that costs 40 plus credits to break with Corroder, Gordian Blade, and/or Garrote
Force My Hand
Use Tyr’s Hand to force the runner to let a subroutine resolve on a bioroid
You Ran THAT!?
Use edge of world to inflict 6 brain damage in one run
Pure Morning
Have three awakening centers filled with at least one bioroid each in one server.
Overpowered Ice
Have more than one power counter on data raven, snoop, mamba, or viktor 2.0 (a single piece of ice)
The TSA Award
Have a docklands crackdown with ten power counters on it
Smartest Guys In The Room
Have an IT department with 20 or more counters
We Are Going To Have A Field Day
Have an Atman at str 1, 4 and 7 at the same time
Genius AI
Have an overmind with over 20 counters on it.
Diamond Tipped Weaponry
Break a str 10 or greater curtain wall with morning star
Almost Famous
Score three notoriety in one turn
The Greatest Mime That Ever Lived
Break a Janus 1.0 with Mimic without using datasucker
Ultimate Wisdom
Have a str 18 sage and win the game
Minor Speed Bumps
Run a server with 5+ ice 3 times in a turn successfully
Thought This Would Be More Fun
Use the twins to force the runner to encounter a piece of ice 2 additional times in a run
Endless Sorrow
Use cell portal and whirlpool/labyrinthine servers successfully
What Are They Teaching At That Camp?
Use space camp to bait the runner into a trap
Fooled Me Once
Use space camp to score a naked agenda without advancing it next turn(no tennin or trick of light)
No Time For This
Use ruhr valley, enhanced login protocol and 2 strongbox to protect a server
Bad Reputation
Inflict damage with both ichi 1.0 and 2.0 subroutines in a single game
Feeling Stupid Yet?
Bait the runner into accessing cerebral overwriter after clicking through Janus or Heimdall 1.0 or 2.0
Use Inazuma to force a runner to encounter and suffer a bioroid other than Eli 1.0
No Longer Spongy
Have an Eli 1.0 with more than 5 subroutines at anytime
Pump You. Up.
Have 3 experimental data in a server with lag time as the active current in stronger together
Worst Than The Prom My Dad Took Me To
Trash the runners entire set of programs with bad times
Delicious Tears
Use shattered remains to trash all of a runners hardware (minimum of 4 hardware must be installed)
David Letterman Award
Never let Valencia score an agenda through blackmail
Crowds Of Smallfolk
Reduce the corps handsize to 0 with itinerant protests
They Started It
Destroy the runners entire rig with Project Ares (minimum of ten cards trashed)
Without A Trace
Use account siphon 3 times in a turn and use paper tripping to clear the tags next turn
What Did They Talk About?
Use bug to reveal 10 cards in a game
Superman Scheme
Use a Gorman Drip v1 to gain 10 credits
Death Sentence
Use 2 domestic sleepers to score the last 2 points in a game
Deadly Sentience
Use 3 domestic sleepers to score the last 3 points in a game
Take Them Out!
Use freelancer to trash 4 resources
Need The Crack
Use cyberdex trial successfully
Pay 7 Or Die!
Use foxfire to trash a shard of any kind
Really Beaten The Game
Use record reconstructor constructively (this is the only joke achievement here, but if you do it stop playing netrunner and solve the world problems)
Obvious Achievement Is Obvious
Break 13 subroutines with blackat
Beautiful Majestic Prisms
Use refractor and copycat to bypass a piece of ice
Smacked Into A Wall, Talked About For Days
Play 3 successful demonstrations in one turn
You Dirty Bird
Use Midori to trash a parasite
Score an agenda with Toshiyuki Sakai
The Honor Is Mine
Score two agendas with Toshiyuki Sakai in the same match
Breaking The Basket Of Eggs
Trash a daemon with 3 hosted programs.

I’ll add more and refine the list later

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seem pretty common. The ronin one, by contrast, seems basically impossible.

Good list though.

Interns and archived memories and lots of traps. Basically impossible means lots of points…obviously, right :p. I’ll build on this list, and edit it a lot, cause I’m lazy and don’t want to write it up somewhere else, but there will be easy achievements and tougher ones of course. I could really use someone that wants to make a website for a school project or something…

If anything seems impossible, I’ll lower it, but that’s the fun, crazy challenges. You don’t have to win every game, just the fact that you’re slicing the runner up with ronin is pretty awesome in itself

Also, you don’t usually see refractor dagger/switchblade and blackat in the same deck, do you?

The Jackson one is totally more common, but it’s nice to have something that says you did it. Hell, I’ll make one that says win against noise with 7 point in archives

I have a list of like 200 for you later.

They’re from the last cycle though, so a little out of date. Stuff like Fast Advancing a Government Takeover or having all 3 I’ve Had Worse get triggered for free on a single click ought to be on the modern version.

You can help me organize them into groups if you want, I could use the help. Fast advancing a takeover should definitely be a thing, good call. This hasn’t been done in the scale I’m looking for as of yet, so it doesn’t matter how old they ate. Hell, I still have to figure out how to make disruptor into an achievement. Use it…haha

Yeah mine are already in groups.

Organized by “general” (that was more for the FLGS that I was running the league at) “Runner”, “Corp”, “League”, then some for placements on tournaments that would take place on the release of every datapack… different point values were assigned to the difficulty of each thing.

IIRC the two 5 point runner/corp achievement were both pretty NBN Centric… (steal all 3 APPs vs. Score 7 points worth of Agendas in a single turn)

K some extras:

Use Mark Yale to acquire at least 15 credits at the same time.

Use all 3 pieces of Cutlery to trash different pieces of ICE in a single game.

Score Chronos Project when the Runner has at least half his deck in their heap.

Clear at least 20 virus counters with Cyberdex Virus Suite.

Have your NEXT ICE suite powered up to at least 8.

Flatline the Runner using The Twins as a part of the sequence.

Uh I’ll come up with more later.

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I had something involving the twins, probably make that into a komainu with 20 subs

Cyberdex is 20 in one game, right? Not at one time?

It’s hard coming up with realistically challenging numbers. Good work man!

So no one really gives much of a shit, eh?

I’m sure some people do. Stimhack’s whole thing is it attracts some of the more competitive players though.

I personally can’t find time to play in my local casual leagues right now, so a casual online league just doesn’t really interest me personally.

For best results I would post on BGG, Reddit, cardgamedb, and here. And then consolidate all those communities into one league. I’m sure you will get enough players.

Check out some of the local leagues for some good ideas, I know there are lots of leagues that have done achievements, lots of good posts on BGG about it.

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Yeah I figure, everything you said. It’s just so much effort haha, I don’t want to join reddit. Bleeeh. I don’t know if league is really the best term I should have used, I’d really just like an app or website to track individual achievements, I’m just not a web designer. I guess I’ll bite the bullet, though it’s important for me that stimhack users find the achievements attractive, I’ve grown to like this place haha

I’ve played in a local achievements league before and I’d say one thing to look out for is the extent of control the player has over trying to score the achievement.

For instance, say the Komainu with 20 subs idea. Logically if the Runner sees Komainu with Twins rezzed, they should just clear their hand so they are only paying to break (max) 5 subs each encounter. Another thing is if the other player has too much control over obtaining achievement then it could become too difficult to achieve.

I’m interested in helping to come up with challenging and interesting achievements. Might just need some way to organise and review the achievements first. Let me know if you want someone to help with the organisation and reviewing.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for haha. The komainu thing is definitely a problem, but if you don’t break the subs, you might die. Perhaps a counter achievement of break a twenty sub komainu is in order

Updated the list with names, we are now cooking!