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Netrunner Community in Milwaukee

Hey all. I might be moving to the Milwaukee area (eastside/downtown), and was looking for a group in the area.

I know there is a regular meetup at Games Universe in Franklin, but I’m looking for something a bit closer to the lake. I figured that @spags and company would probably have the best suggestions for there.

What’s the current community like? I’m a bit spoiled by the Colorado ANR community with a FLGS/brewery league within driving distance every day of the week and 2-5 tournaments a month (not including draft), but at this point I’d be looking for any place that does regular meetups or would be willing to start a group.

Anyone have advice, thoughts about the Milwaukee or general WI area? Any social media groups for the same?


@aandries and I meet on a bi-weekly basis. @paranoid lives in the area, as well. If we had four, could make for some nice meetups. Lately, we’ve been meeting at a Starbucks open 'till midnight daily.

Sadly, GU is only open until 8 or 9, and is tourney averse. We have some awesome players in WI (SC in Madison last week had three Top 17 Worlds 2014 players in it, plus @nordrunner and @paranoid), but the #MilwaukeeMeta is super dry.

Perhaps I should push to run some monthly tourneys at GU.

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I’m also in the east side - it would be great to set something up.

Are there actually any stores on the east side? Looked like there were a few board game groups on meetup.com that meet at bars and such, though not really any FLGS.

Board Game Barrister in Bayshore mall is the closest.

I could definitely show up to some of these.

Who are you?

No guarantees that I move out there yet, but if I do, I’d probably be working in Shorewood, so Board Game Barrister could definitely work out.

Am still trying to convince the girlfriend that we should be more on the west side, but that might noy happen.

Spags. If you are refering to me. I spar a lot with @CrimsonWraith and company. Won the Denver Central storechamps last year and several GNK tourneys. Was also at Worlds, but El-Ad and Elliot Hedman knocked me out of the top 16. Finished finished up playing the last round against Vandover.

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I don’t play in the local meta much due to being chronically busy on LCG nights, but I faced Aaron first round of last year’s store champs. He pulled six points of agendas off R&D turn one.

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Was referring to McCaber.

I’m down for setting something up on my he East Side. Could play at a bar like Von Trier, or a coffee shop like Collectivo, and then move across the street to the Qdoba that’s open super-late.

That sounds awesome. I’ll talk to the other guy I normally play with and set up a foursome for some night.

Better lucky than good. Which SC was this? Greenfield?

Yep. Gabe vs. NEXT Design. I had seven points in my starting hand, too. I think the game lasted less than five minutes.

Greenfield has their SC this week. Come on out.

I’ve been tuning decks for a month or so. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Excellent. To quote ‘Taken’, “Good luck.”.

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Looking forward to the home town event, should be a good time.


Greenfield or Green Bay?

Depending on the time and location, I might be able to make it…or at least drop by.

Franklin. Noon. SAT.