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Netrunner Game Reports/Data. Report all of your games here!


The solution to all of our problems has arrived. I was browsing around Cardgamedb, and saw the game report forms for Conquest and Agot, and I thought, why don’t we have one of those. So here it is. Just answer the multiple choice questions for every game you play.

Here are the rules:

Report every game you play, casual or competitive.
Only the winner needs to report.
If the game was between a top player and a more average one, or an average player and a noob, then don’t report. In otherwords, if there was a significant skill difference, and the outcome of the game was already known before it started (due to skill. If it was a deck autowin, still report), don’t report.

If there is anyone in the crowd good with analyzing data collected collected by a google sheet, please post here about how you could help with the data analysis and I would be very grateful. I need help with the data analysis.

We can finally now answer the question of who is stronger, runner or Corp. That is my primary motive for making this.

Happy Netrunning!

This is the link to the database:


This was fast and easy to use. 10/10 would report again.

Nice; any plans to make the dataset public so people can tinker with it?

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Yeah, I would love to see the data results.

Yep, I plan to post the dataset soon.

This is the file for the data. Do what you will with it.

This should totally be pinned.

About pinning this database so that people will actually use it?

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