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Netrunner Invitational: Round 1 Week 2

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Found these ones a bit disappointing. Not critizising the players, but sometimes matches can turn out different then hoped. AsRoybal vs OrangeDevil matches were very one-sided towards the runner and AlexFrog vs Db0 had a sour end due to the disconnect freeze and Db0’s running was hampered by his deck not showing up. I hoped to see AlexFrog runner deck in play, but alas.

Sly’s Whizzard was fun though, but commentary was nog working properly.

I do wonder if any of these decks will come in the meta or stay in the lower tiers.

Any chance of fixing the sound sync issues? Made it unwatchable. Really enjoyed last weeks match ups.

Sadly I wasn’t one of the commentators for that video so I don’t have a backup copy, and the core versions that were recorded by Hollis had the problems. If Hollis is able to fix it, I will post an update.

I’ll check out second video while I wait in hope. Thanks for the reply