Netrunner Origins

After digging through NetrunnerOnline the other night, I realized how many cards are direct or nearly direct ports from the original game. Having no experience with Garfield’s original, I had no idea. I thought it may be fun to show those here. I am only going to post a couple to start us off, but I will continue updating. As far as I figure, Netrunner may be the best place to look to anticipate future cards, as well!

This is one of the more indirect translations, but I think it’s safe to say Dahlia was the inspiration for Femme.

Looking at the Netrunner card list has made me want to play that, too!

Is there a more elegant way to format these posts? Is there a hide feature on these forums?

There are a lot of direct ports too that are exactly the same. Scorched Earth for example. Shattered Remains is the most recent.

This one never fails to amuse me. The type, cost, and strength changed, oh, and it went from being a big metal box to a literal god:

oh, I like Dumpster so much more!

Speaking of direct reprints.

There was also Scatter Shot, which was basically Poltergeist, but only for upgrades.

Here’s a reprint we all know and love, but holy cow, that art is terrible.

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Interesting that the old SMC was substantially worse. I wouldn’t have expected that, given the general power level of many old Netrunner cards.

God, the art in Netrunner was so bad.


The art was overall of a lower quality, but most of it is just stylistic preference.

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I played ONR and still have a ton of cards and my decks. Earlier this year I took them with me to FFG and player a bunch of games with Lukas, which was a ton of fun. My main Runner deck was a Clown - Lockjaw - Microtech Backup Drive recursion deck that was kind of ridiculous.

I’m always happy to see familiar cards showing up in ANR, although I’m a little sad that the old art for Imp won’t reappear. I loved that art.

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Susanoo-no-Mikoto is more expensive, but her ability is so much nicer (since it can force an access).

…honestly, I’m just waiting for “I Got a Rock” to be reprinted. Best card, hands down. :stuck_out_tongue:


for those that don’t know

relatively safe to say it won’t be directly reprinted, but a damage card that sacrificed agenda points would be okay in my book. it is interesting in that it is a Node (Asset) and not an Operation.

okay, shell traders… that’s just unforgivable art
@stoppableforce did you use some sort of resize function to make the Netrunner images the same size as the ANR images?

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Nope! I just downloaded them from the site that you linked up top. I did make sure to get the full-sized version by clicking on the picture first, though.

If you had Bryce 3d and Poser in the 90s you could make a lot of netrunner art in about an hour. However, rendering it would take overnight. Well, it did on my old p100 32gb of ram.

ah, cool. i have just been right clicking → copy image location.

here are some cards I’d like to see in ANR


The one I want to see is Loan from Chiba. I’m not going to grab the image from my phone, though.

When we were playing ONR, I asked Lukas if we were going to see hidden resources in ANR - resources that the Runner installs face down and then trashes for some effect in a paid ability window. He said no, he didn’t want to make that kind of drastic change to the game’s information asymmetry.


where’s that quote from? certainly not how the final version of Crypsis plays in ANR!


were you referring to Loan with the ‘hidden resource’ thing? cause I haven’t seen any cards in original Netrunner that were hidden resources

No, LfC is a normal resource, it’s just one of my favorite cards. Hidden resources appeared in the Proteus expansion, v2.1.

Favorite Corp card: Schlaghund. I had a certain preferred style. :wink:

I remembered a BGG thread where I learned that the original concept for crypsis was different: Did FFG ever changed spoiled cards? | Android: Netrunner

Did some googling and discovered that, even in the current rulebook, in the “sample play area” picture, there’s an older crypsis wording (pdf rulebook only - my dead tree rulebook has the new wording).

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