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Netrunner Playerbase

There are a lot of brilliant people on this site and I was wondering, has anyone completed an analysis of the current Netrunner Playerbase to determine how many people are actually playing the game? Is this even feasible? I ask only out of genuine curiosity. Thanks.

FFG gave some sales stats at worlds last year, but other than that I’m not aware of anything. Given the fact that there are plenty of people who bought the game and don’t really frequent any online forums I’m not sure how you’d approach trying to count.

You could make some assumptions about things like what proportion of players have X copies of the core set, then adjust the sales totals, but even that would have a pretty big margin of error.

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I agree that core set sales is not a good indicator of player base for the reasons you listed. I was thinking that perhaps, polling community leaders for Netrunner might be able to establish a better picture of the player base. For example, our community Facebook page has 200 members. Not all of them, I am sure are actively playing Netrunner but it is a start.

Interesting you ask…I was creating a survey that I was going to post around this week - just basic questions, some demographic information and preference on things like faction, competitiveness, etc. Not a real purpose behind it other than data makes me giddy.

If anyone has any specific information they’d like included on the survey I’d be happy to hear it. I’m probably going to distribute it sometime tomorrow when it’s finished.

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It’d be interesting to see the sales of a recent expansion. That might give you an idea of players who are keeping up with expansions, at least

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We’d at least get that most likely the number of players is between x and 3/x (since I believe it to be extremely improbable that most boxes are bought by a person who bought more than 3 boxes)

The bare minimum amount of potential players is useful information to have for determining community functions I bet, I’m also curious as to how many people play the game. Online play would be nice data to go through

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