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Netrunner Tournament at BGG.con 2015

I’m not sure how many Stimhackers will be at BGG.con next week, but we’re hosting a Netrunner tournament there Friday at 7pm. We’re likely to play 4 or 5 rounds of swiss with no cut. We are still working on prize support, but hope to get an OP kit or two to distribute.

Last year we had about 25 players, and this year the room we’re in (1106-1108) has space for 75. If you’re going to be at the con, please join us on Friday Night. The announcement thread on BGG is here.



Thanks for organizing this tournament, I’m looking forward to playing! If anyone has cards for doing some drafting, I’d be interested in that too. We had a four person draft last year that was really fun (even though I was the only runner that didn’t have a Magnum Opus).

Super cool to hear there’s some action happening this year (and last!). Looking forward to joining in when I can actually attend again next year.