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Netrunner tournament software

Continuing the discussion from Philly Regionals (June 20) Discussion Zone™:

(this was about ANR Tournament software)

Tested this bug today in the morning, messaged software creator about it, new version released today, I can no longer reproduce the bug so seems it is fixed. Thanks for making me aware of this, as finding this out the hard way when I TO a Regionals on Saturday would definitely give me some problems.

More generally: what software do you use when running tournaments? I use ANR Tournament all the time, works perfectly for small tournaments, I rarely run events with super byes and top cut so I was not aware of the abovementioned bug which is luckily fixed. I like the fact that it doesn’t require exotic hardware (iPads etc) and it has really great developer support - every time something was bugged or tournament rules changed fixes were really quick. It also allows adding new identities to the list by yourself, so whenever a pack is released it is easy to update the program.

Also, I’ve heard of new FFG software tested in the USA - what do you think about it? I’ve heard that software they used during Worlds 2014 was really bad, did it improve a lot?


NRTM is a great app and I’ve used it several small tourneys. I’ve seen more TO’s in Holland using it.


I have traditionally used FFG’s old Tourney Magistrate Software, because I’ve preivously used it as an AGOT judge, and have had good results with it. It requires manual input of points, and has some weird quirks, but it’s servicable and gives quick turnaround during tournaments.

Just used NRTM to run a 25 person tourney from an iPad just fine.

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Yep, just to hop on the bandwagon, NRTM’s been great across all the tourney’s I’ve run with it!

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I forgot to mention this, I like you can use it on an iPad or even phone. Some like a PC, but I like it this way.


I think that Tobin Lope’s ANR Excel Spreadsheet and NRTM are pretty good. NRTM will run on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

I cannot publicly talk about the FFG software right now, other than it has been used in several Regionals in the US with varying results.

This coming weekend I will be using NRTM for a casual GNK tourney.

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NRTM is close to perfect, have done Nationals/Regionals with it without problems. Can’t even think how to make it better. Downside is requiring an iPad.


I use ANR Tournament and had run into a minor bug was was unable to reproduce it. It works great and incrementally saves your tourney too so if there is an issue you loose minimal to no data. very few to minimal complaints concerning it. It’s the only one I’ve seen do everything correctly that I was able to test (No iPad so cant test NRTM)

I run all tournament, from GNK to Regionals, using NRTM, works perfectly.

Nice additnional functionality in exporting stats. Though I would like the stats on win% to be win% for ID x as % of played games, not as % of all games, as a popular ID will have larger win% due to more games played and therefore (most likely) more game won, so the way win% is now makes no sense.

But to run the actual tournament, awesome (not with FFGs new tie-breakers yet though, afaik).

Though I would like the stats on win% to be win% for ID x as % of played games, not as % of all games, as a popular ID will have larger win% due to more games played and therefore (most likely) more game won, so the way win% is now makes no sense. [/quote]
That’s a good suggestion, I’ll look into adding this.

But to run the actual tournament, awesome (not with FFGs new tie-breakers yet though, afaik).

The new scoring system is basically done and ready to release. I’m still reluctant to do so, however, since the official tournament rules haven’t been updated yet, and I’ve also not had the chance to compare my implementation to TOME - particulary wrt to Byes I’m not 100% sure I did everything in the same way.


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@Yoshi: like so?

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Looks good :slight_smile:

Not sure how “alive” this thread is, but I wanted to ask if anyone is running any ANR tournament software on a Raspberry Pi? Been using my trusty iPad for the even trustier (it’s a word) NRTM for quite some time, but the iPad is starting to show its age and has become rather unreliable running any apps whatsoever. That’s why I’m looking into getting a Pi for both running the tournament and hopefully getting a portable projector to be able to show round time on the wall.

Anyone have experience running tournaments on the device (using Rasbian, Win10 or something else)? Are there even any compatible software out there?

I don’t think Raspberry is a good choice for this, it is quite slow and it doesn’t support windows. I don’t think there are any dedicated tournament software in linux, at least not any netrunner based. Of course, you could use a web-based software.

I would recommend taking a look at using an old laptop or something similar.

It actually does support Windows 10, or a dedicated version of it. Not having tried it I can’t actually say what runs on it.

An old laptop would be a solution of course, but what’s the fun in that? :wink:

Woha, didn’t know that. But I will take a guess and say you can’t install any program, since RPI is ARM-based.

Fun is a good reason. :slight_smile: And if I would do it, I would probably try and program one for the RPI. Or just install an apache on it and run something like PHP Tourney on it.

The only GNU/Linux tournament software that I found (that wasn’t TOME, but TOME is for shops only (the link is not available to the general public) and uses H2H as its highest priority breaker amongst other issues) was Run4Win, which isn’t perfect but it’s relatively easy to use and doesn’t take a tonne of getting used to.

Bear in mind that the .sh file that comes with it is wrong, but you can just change it to be “java -jar Run4Win.war” (or make your own) and all should be good as long as you’ve got a functional browser installed (I used Chromium). I don’t own a Pi personally but any GNU/Linux software should work perfectly fine.

If anyone does know of any other notable GNU/Linux tournament software, I’d be very happy to hear about it.

@Therad Well, I didn’t until today either. But as you said, you can’t install any programs on it which is sad (I am completely oblivious to what “RPI is ARM-based” means but I got as much from Googling). :slight_smile:
@Xenasis, Since I run the tournaments for a store I probably would be able to get a hold of TOME if it’s generally available to stores, but I’ve also read mostly non-positive comments about it. Will look into Run4Win, but it looks…quite old, no? Maybe not an issue if most inputs are done manually (factions and the like).