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Netrunner Travel Thread

I figured enough of us probably travel that when we do it might be cool to run into other people in the city/state we happen to be in. So, home away from home. Where can you get your netrunner fix. Etc.

And, I’m going to be in S. Dakota this week. No idea if there’s a community there or where/when they meet. I’ll be in the greater Sioux Falls area. Monday-Wed evening. If there’s no one in the area, I’ll amuse myself on octgn.


Damn, I literally just got done traveling for a year constantly for work, something like this woulda been super helpful. I did manage to find a few good places on my travels though

In St. Paul/Minneapolis I particularly liked Tower Games to play at, they had a league going on when I was there that they let me hop into for a few weeks.

In Los Angeles, there is a Google Groups group https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110086126869730872729. As far as I know they mostly meet at Hi-De-Ho Comics.

In Houston, there are fairly active groups at Fat Ogre Games and Comics and Asgard Games. There is a Facebook group Houston Android: Netrunner that you should join if you travel to Houston.

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Isn’t exactly travelling but I don’t want to start a new thread so - how big of a Netrunner community is there in the UK, namely Scotland? The reason I’m asking is I need to decide which university to study in (yeah, I know, should’ve done that sooner, etc) and FAST and, since Netrunner plays a big role in my life, I’d like to know if there are big Netrunner communities in the big cities of Scotland (that have universities near them) - Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow… I’d definitely love to play Netrunner even while studying abroad.

Edinburgh is a definite yes. I don’t know for sure about the others.

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Great idea for a thread. I’ll be in Hackensack, New Jersey this week and I didn’t find any meetup groups in the immediate area through my normal searching. I would like to avoid going into New York City because it is a bit far. If anyone in the area plays and is interested in meeting up that would be great. Otherwise it is OCTGN for me too.

Worth noting they play a lot of house rules with regards to agenda numbers up there. :wink:


And hopefully you are willing to welcome new foreign players? :smiley:

You’re not going to get much of anything in St Andrews. It’s 30 minutes by bus from the nearest decently-sized town (Dundee). There’s a board games society, as well as a minis/RPGs/magic society, but as far as I know, there is no scene.

It is, however, an utterly amazing university, and I regret leaving it for another (ostensibly more prestigious) university down south. I’d highly recommend you consider going there even if you don’t actually get much in-person netrunner play; Edinburgh is around an hour and a quarter away if you’re ever desperate. I think there’s also a scene in Dundee, but I’m not sure how big it is.

Glasgow - there should be. Spellbound games hosted a regional + lots of SCs last year, and it was decently attended (though this year’s one in Edinburgh was much bigger)

They’re very welcoming of foreigners in Scotland (unless you’re English, ofcourse)

However, if you want Netrunner Mecca, you should come to London. 30+ person meetups on Tuesday nights, with a secondary 15 person meetup on Thursdays. 40 person Game Night Kits. 60 Person Store Champs…

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There’s also an Aberdeen group, for what it’s worth.

North Jersey is kind of a black hole for Netrunner, as we learned when were trying to put on a circuit event up there only to learn that there was basically no one to talk to about it. I would just join the NYC Netrunners group on facebook and see what’s going on there; it’s actually really close.

Or drive to Philly for wednesday nights with us :smiley:

That high way between Jersey and Philly can be a bit of a death trap. No lie, I once saw a guy take his vehicle vertical by driving up on the median barrier (totally on accident). Think he fell asleep. He realized what he did and jerked the car back onto the highway. Thought I was going to die, but he somehow landed on all fours and kept rolling. Bumper to bumper even at 3am. Eugh.

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I won’t have a car on this trip which makes the trip into New York a bit tougher, and I’m only in New Jersey tonight and tomorrow night. I think I’ll be back again for a full week in August, so maybe I’ll take you up on a night of getting curshed in Philly then.

Dundee has a good number of players but as a scene they’re not super organised or have a single weekly meet-up. I hear they’re trying to be more organised though.

Lol although unlike Dundee we’ve got quite an organised group there really isn’t very many of us :).

Really for netrunner you want to be in the Central Belt, you can get 1hr train journeys to a tourney somewhere (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Lanark, Hamilton etc) near every fortnight.

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St. Andrews, whilst lovely, isn’t a big city if that’s something you’re after.

None of Scotland’s cities are big. Glasgow comes closest, but is still pretty small as cities go :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in Kalamazoo, MI - we have a small but decently dedicated group here (and many more in nearby Grand Rapids)

The Detroit regionals I went to seemed to draw a big crowd, and I’m wondering who if any was from the Ann Arbor area - my family is there and my work takes me there often as well, I’d love to be able to get some games in when I’m in town for longer stays.

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I have a lot of friends in Kalamazoo, I’ll have to try to swing by for a GNK sometime! @AaronSolon owns a shop called Hollow Mountain here in Lansing where I live – you may have played him in Detroit.

I believe @tvaduva and @hypomodern are in the A2 area, they can probably tell you more about the scene.

There’s a lot of netrunner to be had in the metro Detroit area!

In Ann Arbor, there’s a contingent that plays at Get Your Game On on Mondays and a group at Fun 4 All on Wednesdays. Further afield, there’s a group at Flat Land Games (wixom) on Tuesdays and a nascent group at RIW (Livonia) on Mondays. There’s a ton of stuff even further afield in the area too :).

If you are on Facebook, check out the Metro Detroit Netrunners group; I try to host a monthly pub runner and other random events as well :).

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If you’re ever in North Carolina, you should definitely hit up my home store, Atomic Empire, in Durham, NC. It’s just a short, easy 20-minute drive from Raleigh and RDU International Airport. Tuesday night is the usual meetup, but Saturday is a good day as well, as the store is large enough that it can accommodate a sizable MTG or Warhammer event and still have plenty of room for 40k, Netrunner, or whatever else. Also, posting on the store forum can get you games pretty much any time. In fact, the store just had a draft tourney last weekend, and a gentleman from Poland who was in the area for business posted on the forum and was able to join us for that! We also have quite the selection of beers on tap, including some great local brews, and a snack bar if you get the munchies…

But who am I kidding? It’s mostly about the b33r! :smiley:

There’s also Game Theory in Raleigh, and Gamer’s Armory in Cary.

Basically, what @hypomodern said. If you’re willing to drive up to an hour, you can basically find Netrunner happening Monday - Thursday near Ann Arbor. I think Eternal Games (the place that hosted the Regional) does their Netrunner thing on Thursdays. Almost all GNK/GLC/SC type events happen sporadically on Saturdays and #Pubrunner on random weekdays based on availability.

We do nearly all of our organizing and announcements on the Facebook group, so if you’re set to get notifications, you’ll be aware of any events we’re planning. Or just post on this thread and most likely @hypomodern or I will let you know.