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Netrunner Travel Thread

then I’d only be 15 minutes from my house in kalamazoo :smiley: I think I’d pretty much only drive farther that A2 for a regionals or equivalent…

Thanks for the rundown, though, you two. Good chance I will turn up at GYGO some monday night when I’m in town. do they do many/any GNKs, and if so are they generally also mondays? I’d love to keep my eyes peeled and show up for any random saturday events…

Right, best to stick to GYGO on Mondays and F4A (in Ypsi, basically on the border to Ann Arbor) on Wednesday.

They’ve placed an order for the Summer GNK, which I don’t think has been shipped yet. Anyone heard if Summer GNK have arrived anywhere?

When they arrive, I’ll organize a tournament on Monday night (probably be 3 rounds of Swiss).

I am going to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico next week, any games there? Maybe at Active Imagination or something?

Is there anyone here who plays in Albany or Troy, NY? I’ll be out there for work in a couple weeks, wouldn’t mind running some nets in the evening.

Im going to be in Lisbon and Porto in August, any store or event there?

forgive me for doing this twice. Didn’t know there was a dedicated thread:

Seems I’ll be flying out to Raleigh Wed. - Friday and there is a reasonable chance I will have some time available Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. I was curious to see if someone would be up for a few games.

It would have to be somewhat spontaneous due to the work (I’m a service technician, hence the tentative schedule), but maybe that’s ok? Certainly I could shoot a text or email Wednesday night or Thursday early afternoon.

My hotel will be the Holiday Inn Express @ 11400 Common Oaks Drive as a reference for location

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I’ll be at the Gamer’s Armory on Thursday night. It’s a 20 min drive from Raleigh and very close to the highway. Let me know if your interested.

Actually, your Hotel is almost in Wake Forest which is quite a drive to Cary. Anyway, here’s the address of the FLGS I’ll be playing at tonight.
683 Cary Towne Blvd. Cary, NC, 27511.

I’m told it’s about 30 minutes or so and that’s not bad for me at all. I’m going to head out that way and look forward to meeting you. Not sure how traffic goes around here but keep a look out for me if you will. I wear glasses and am wearing a green shirt. My name is Eric (duh).

Pretty random (to me at least) that the makers of unreal are right down the road. that was a fun fact to discover.

I’m going to be in Manhattan/Brooklyn all of next week. Was wondering where/when any netrunner communities gather or if there are any events. Thanks!

Excellent night of hacking the planet. See you in December.

I’ll be travelling from Tennessee through Atlanta and Florida this August for a few weeks - any ANR hotspots I should check out?

Probably are ANR hot spots, but if you’re in Tenesee and the protomen (megaman western rock opera?) are in town you should do yourself a favor and try and catch one of their shows.

Hi boys and girls, my name is Alex, I’m an avid player from “Down Under” (Australia, for the uninitiated). I am getting married in 11 days, and will afterward be in Europe for a good 4 or so weeks for my honeymoon. Whilst I doubt I will have much time for netrunner, I would nonetheless love the opportunity to play a bit at a store or two in Europe somewhere.

Whilst our trip will start in the Loire Valley followed by a stint in Baden Baden, neither of which are likely to offer much in the way of netrunning, I will be in Paris from the 26th of Sept until the 8th of October. It is mainly during that window when I’d like to catch an event, casual or gnk. We will be in Rome and in Florence for briefer periods of time after, during which I probably won’t bother (though am tempted to see if I can’t play in Rome).

So yeah, if you can help me, either by providing info regarding good places to play in Paris, potentially including specific dates between the 26th of Sept and 8th of Oct, that would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise I would very much appreciate links to any other places online where I might find the info I am after. If you are a Paris local and happy to stay in touch to help me out closer to the dates in question, please feel free to pm me. Thanks!! (also if this is not worth a post on here, please suggest other places, potentially reddit, where I might post this sort of request without causing a fuss)

Hi Firesa,

In Paris we play every Thursday in a shop named Troll2jeux.
There is no GNK planned during your dates as we’re talking but it may change. Please send me a message to remind me to check in two weeks or so.
Also, Paris runners often speak english and are often up for a beer and some games if you ask kindly. Forum is run4games, if you want to setup something with the “paris city grid” it’s on the following link : http://www.run4games.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=179

Congratulation for the wedding and have a nice honeymoon trip ! Loire Valley is a wonderfull choice !


Heya wrath, thanks for the indepth response.

I do speak French and German (born in Germany to French mum and German dad), so I should be good to communicate, even if I might make it some crazy combination of English and French, especially when using game terms, so looking forward to that! :smiley: now it’s time to look up where troll2jeux is :wink:

You’re missing the best bit you stupid Aussie. Visit Pomland!


haha definitely next time! I know I’ll be taken care of re: netrunner if I come over to pomland, that’s for sure! But yeah, the poms might warrant their own trip at some stage, in which case I’ll make noise about it so that I definitely have the chance to run some nets over some pints with you guys and girls :wink:

Is anyone going to Essen Spiel 2015 and is interested in a few games of ANR while there?

Middle tn for a week, where the nets @