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New agenda compositions: Global Food Initiative, and Vanity Project


bah, repeated master’s points.


I think, 3x vanity, 1x Government Takeover + 2x hostile? 6 agenda deck, off the grid + mushin. I don’t think you can go in on punitive unless you’re planning on hitting film critic with something like contract killer; Actually, that might work. Potentially corporate town to make sure?


Do you mean the original post or @MasterAir? Either way, I’m not seeing what you’re saying.

I forgot about film critic! :frowning: Contract Killer does slot relatively well into this deck with mushin, so maybe the answer is replacing Student Loans. Corporate Town would be hilarious, but near-impossible in this deck due to the agendas.


Snatch and grab was pointed out as another good card.


I do have it as a x1, but forgot Film Critic was a connection. Bonus!


Rework is a bad idea, right? :confused:


You’re thinking Rework for after Film Critic is trashed? I think a third Jackson would be better first. I was thinking Jackson is less needed in this deck because there are less agendas to pitch. I love the fact that your hand literally cannot contain more than 5 agendas, forcing you to trash one. :smiley:


I don’t like giving the runner an opportunity to win by scoring twice in a punitive deck. I think providing that opportunity is a big mistake.


Yeah, if the runner can ever get a 6/4 when either they’re up on money or you just don’t happen to have a Punitive (or they have 4 or more cards and you can’t Punitive them twice) then the game is just kinda over. God knows you can’t score out with that shit. I think the agenda is just really, really terrible.


I also feel like you really want to run a 6 agenda build, not 5. Vanity is nice, but I don’t think I would include more than x1 simply because it has the same effect as Government Takeover, which is turning off punitives if you don’t have the ideal set up the following turn.

I have been playing 5 Agenda Blue Sun Mushin No Grid and although my ICE selection is pretty garbage, every game I have lost with it has been because of an early Vanity Project steal.


What about 1x govt takeover 2x vanity 2x global food? That way you can still feed them a global food after they steal a vanity without them getting to 7 points. Does punitive still hit for 3 when they steal global food?


No. The wording on Punitive is very specific, and when GFI is in the runner’s score area it’s only worth two points so a counterstrike will only do two meat damage. It’s the same interaction that PC has with The Board.


So you’re saying the board should include a clause that increases the amount of points the runner steals by two whenever they steal an agenda for the purposes of punitive counterstrike. I’m reading you loud and clear


What about 43322222 ?
(and 4332222 with the Jinteki 40/15) ?


2x TFP, 42222 (Harmony Medtech):

  • 40% TFP steal chance: 17.7 accesses
  • 100% TFP chance: 15.0

2x TFP, 2GFI, 4,2 (Harmony Medtech):

  • 40% TFP steal chance: 20.2 accesses
  • 100% TFP chance: 16.7

I think with Medtech specifically you want to do 3 TFP 3 GFI so you only have to score 2 agendas and they have to steal 3, unless they have Film Critic and take two TFP. Then you don’t have to do Shi Kyu tricks.
Medtech with 3xTFP, 3xGFI:
100% TFP chance: 18 accesses
40% TFP chance: 26.3 accesses

For your other question, 43322222 in a normal ID: 17.3 accesses.

It looks like just including one 6/4 in an otherwise normal deck doesn’t do much. Without going through every possible composition, what I’m starting to see is

  • GFI helps
  • TFP helps if not Critiqued
  • Very discrete suites such as @YCombinator original suggestion help. It appears they do this by forcing the runner to steal some exact combinations of agendas. Medtech gets a similar boost, and the original simulations that showed including a 3/1 in RP could be helpful are relying on the same effect.


Thank you very much, I was planing something like
Vanity / GFI x 2 / 3 Medicals & Philotic + 2 Shikyus.

Do you calculate your accesses with the max deck size all the time or use something like “late game there was 25 cards been played by the corp” and linear draw ?


The program is simple. For a single sample:

  • Shuffle deck
  • Count through deck until you get to 7 points for runner (TFP is special case).
  • Report number of cards needed.

So I always use the max deck size. I haven’t done anything advanced like what you say because I’m not sure how useful it is. For instance: Harmony with 3TFP,3GFI. If deck size is 24, 14.7 additional accesses needed. This is telling you: late game, all 6 agendas are still in R&D, Harmony might still have a shot. But that scenario comes up very rarely. Usually corp or runner will score one, if it’s runner, then we need to adjust their required points, etc.


Okay, thank you !
So you’re calculating the amount of draws you need to sum 7 points for the runner, that’s good to know. Meaning also the deck is a late game deck or a start game deck.

What do you have for information for NEH’s 22222222211 ? Edit oh, 17.something, rigth.

(If it is possible to have Paris HB format too ?
33222222 in 54 cards)


Alright, enough super math, how do we leverage a deck with 5 agendas in it with the plan to make HQ invincible and have all agendas in HQ, BEING ABLE TO SCORE THEM AT OUR LEISURE


12 tags, 3 advancement on an Allele, 18 credits, a 3/1 and the 9/6 in hand, psychographics x 2 & biotic in archives.

Easy !