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New FAQ and Tournament Rules

So, as I understand it you are taking the wording:

“Unless otherwise noted, all card abilities that do not specify the
state of a card [1] can only affect installed cards [2].”

and inferring that because the mention of “card” at [1] is singular it doesn’t extend to instances where plural cards are mentioned. Don’t you then equally also have to infer that the mention of plural “cards” at [2] to mean that it doesn’t extend to singular cards in terms of what it can affect?

In other words, you can only use Net-Ready Eyes if you can affect multiple installed cards with it?

And yes, if the presence or absence of a plural “s” is the logical thread that it hangs on, it’s an utter mess!

I get what you’re saying, but don’t forget that all cards that can normally be trashed have a trash cost, and are available for trashing on access as per very specific rules. In Whizzard’s instance, if you can trash a card, you get three bucks for it. You still have to determine at each point whether or not you are allowed to.

When could you ever choose stuff in the runner’s grip to trash, or effect? That is a great point in case for this clarification removing the option from people who think they can.

EDIT: Sorry popeye, meant for the Wendigo comment above.

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Snoop. :wink:

I don’t think it was ever able to do target non-installed programs! Did you really use Wendigo like that?


LOL. I’m gonna go with that being ‘unless otherwise noted’ XD

I think there was a state-change issue with trying to use it like that anyway. Same as if you scavenge a test-run program it doesn’t remember that it was once the target of test-run’s return to the top of stack effect. If you clone chip a program it doesn’t remember that it was target of Wendigo’s can’t use this program effect. I think Wendigo is a case where the ‘clarification’ actually clarifies. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve certainly had it used against me like that! Luckily last time was the final round of Quinns, my opponent had been drinking and he proceeded to name Corroder against my PPVP Kate deck :smiley: There’s nothing on the card to say it has to be currently installed programs…

If it worked like that, it would be able to stop a 2 faerie attack on a sentry. I’m pretty sure it can’t do that.

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I think the issue with this isn’t actually an uninstalled/installed one but rather the difference between “choosing” a card and “naming” a card.

Choosing (as I understand it) refers to a particular instance of a card. Naming refers to any instance of a card with that name (e.g. Targeted Marketing, Reclamation Order).


Netrunner is more fun with drinking.

But that’s totally not right! Oh well.

There’s some confusion here over ‘card abilities’ that are activated given a trigger condition, and constant abilities and recurring credits.

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I’m assuming you’re referring to the tardiness rule. Unfortunately, no floor rules section :disappointed:

Just a few parts updated in the Tournament Rules 2.1.1 document. This new rule is under the “Swiss Pairings” section on page 4.