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New lead designer for ANR


Very interesting. I wonder if this was actually signaled to us back when the FB drama stuff happened with Damon.

I know Michael had been working on a very similar style card game for awhile in Korea. Guess he was able to turn that into a job. Pretty sweet deal there. I’m interested to hear when we can expect to see the first of his designs.


Are there any more detail information about Michael?I would like to know more.

I predict nothing but entirely reasonable and proportionate reactions to this news on the internet.


What cycles did Damon oversee again? The delay between design and release has always confused me.

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"Whats your favourite deck archetype"
"Uninteractive Jinteki mill. It's really fun!"

God help us

according to reddit, Flashpoint and Red Sands are pretty much all him, but he had a finishing touches kinda role on Mumbad

What FB drama?

He changed where he lived and his employment, so the reddit (EDIT: and facebook, which I thought was clear) Netrunner community hounded him for ages to get information (like this) out of him. It was really shitty, kind of why I prefer here to there

He changed his employment and address on Facebook, which was visible to his Facebook friends. @Chill84 noted the change here:

Then, Damon explained the change in this Netrunner Dorks post here:

Although I believe everything he said in his posts and comments to be true, given recent news, there seems to be a bit:


Also is it just me or do they spend more time talking about his experience as an English teacher than as an actual designer. He co-designed a card game that never got produced and??? I’d like to know what cards/cycles this guy has helped out on, and what exactly he did there

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AFAIK he has not really published anything officially though he has certainly worked with some Korean designers and publishers. I’ve seen some prototypes of his but no final projects so I can’t really comment too much on his work.

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I find this a tad unfair. He said he likes Thousand Cuts Jinteki, which is much different than the prison decks that have soured the experience for many players as of late. I find playing against thousand cuts to be stressful, but certainly not hopeless and dull.


For what it’s worth pretty well every post by him in this thread is unfair. If you think that the Damon Facebook thing took place solely on reddit you’re sorely mistaken :\

Either way hope that Michael picks up the torch. I’m sure lots of people have major complaints about Damon, personally I’m stoked for Red Sands after seeing the teasers for it.


also Terminal Directive

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I never meant to imply it was completely on reddit, like it’s about his facebook account of course a lot of it happened on facebook, but the reddit community definitely played a large part in it, which most people admit.

I guess my experience is made worse by mainly playing criminal, where I normally don’t have the influence for Net Shield/Feedback Filter/Deja Vu/clone Chips/any recursion tech at all, so it’s really easy to lose breakers for good. Often piloting a blue deck against thousand cuts or prison is equally as hopeless.


Gonna be real with y’all: I haven’t been super impressed with Damon’s card design. Seemed like general power creep without any really innovative ideas. That said, I thought the MWL was a solid addition to tournament rules and I don’t think he’s done anything as short sighted as some of Lukas’ worst mistakes in the Mumbad cycle. In other words, he’s been steady if uninspiring.

I’m a bit worried about the new guy’s lack of experience, but I’m willing to keep an open mind. Game design, a lot of times, is closer to certain art forms (e.g. popular music) where the best contributions are often made by rookies.

Side question: is it confirmed that Damon was lead on Terminal Directive?

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For what it’s worth, I was under this impression as well until I recently learned that Lukas was actually transitioning off of ANR for Destiny for a lot of this time period, and in fact Damon was highly involved in much of Mumbad. I think some of the worst cards, like Museum, might in fact be Damon creations.

I would say the blame can be shared between the two of them, in that case.

Does anyone have any sort of even vaguely official cite for that? I’ve heard lots of people arguing each of the two sides, but never anything but their preconceptions as a source for the arguments…