New LGS Netrunner Startup

At my LGS we have recently started playing Netrunner and have created a way to get everyone caught up to where Netrunner currently is at now.

We have started a league system where we meet on Thursdays and play for points and prizes. Right now we are using everything from Core - Cyber Exodus. Every two weeks we add in another expansion pack. This allows everyone to play the game competitively and get caught up without having to spend a bunch of money all at once.

Now that you know what were doing I will ask my question.

Can someone help me build a non Gabe runner decklist. Most people at the shop are currently running Gabe because he is obviously powerful in Cyber Exodus. I would rather not play what everyone else is playing to add some variety to our store.

Any help will be greatly appriciated. Please feel free to comment on a deck list idea or a way to improve our league.



2 Personal Workshop (8 inf)
2 Aesop’s Pawnshop (4 inf)
3 Wyldside
3 Armitage

3 Parasite
3 Crypsis
3 Datasucker
3 Imp
2 Medium

2 Grimoire
2 Dyson Mem Chip
2 Plascrete

3 Easy Mark (3 inf)
3 Deja Vu
3 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble

Last 3 cards are you preference among anarch and neutral options. This was the other runner deck around cyber exodus, if you want to see how it is played, watch some of sly’s old streams

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This is a really neat idea. I wish you luck with it.

How does really big rig old fashioned shaper fare?
Test run + workshop + opus + corroder(morning star?)/gordian blade/ninja or femme maybe Stimhack them into play off the workshop.
I guess shaper struggled through Genesis and need all their find and recycle stuff tricks in Creation and Control to become consistent enough.

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Shaper was not good enough until C&C (Clone chip, SMC and Atman specficially), it wasn’t even really fun to play, just very generic and weaker than crims, at least until future proof.

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Thanks for the ideas guys. I will build that noise list and test it some this week.

I’m currently using HB as my corp and I think it’s really fun but not sure how competitive it is. I’m open to suggestions.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

@SamRS Can you share a link to Sly’s stream. I’m still new here and dont really know who Sly is.


(and the related YouTube channel)

Thanks man. I’ll check this out tonight.

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@SamRS Can you tell me why the list you made does not use Yog?

Never mind, I Figured the deck out. It is really good. kinda Combo, I like it

you can have 1of each anarch breaker as the last 3, but you can’t find them consistently, and instant parasites + crypsis is usually enough

I added in 3 Infiltration. Going with that or Liberated Account. But I think Infiltration is better.