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New MWL? New tournament. Announcing ANZAC Online jinteki.net tournament


This looks awesome! :smile:

Wooo! In for sure.

This is gonna be a great way to see how the meta shakes out post MWL

This is the post I made to the Australian facebook group:

So, when organising this ANZAC tournament we were notified of the situation in Australia with a complete lack of Terminal Directive Release Kits. Here in Christchurch I’ve been able to secure 1 additional kit, and it is now a part of the ANZAC tournament.

Unlike all other prizes, this is a participation prize for Australian players only. There are 6 of both of the flip-IDs, and 18 of each of the cards, and these will be distributed randomly to any Australian players.

Hopefully your local area is still able to provide a great TD event, and if you want the promo cards, you can join the ANZAC tournament. No need to do well to get one of these cards, and players of all skill levels are encouraged.