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New Spoilers: Fenris

New card spoiled. Fenris. What do you think?

I think he is my favorite illicit ice so far.

Face checking just got a whole lot riskier!

I… actually really like this. It frustrates Ninja and really feels like it supports a Next Design rush strategy combined with face checking punishment. Plus it isn’t a bioroid which instantly gives it a plus in my book. It also fits nicely into the slowly building HB brain damage strategy. Just my initial thoughts on it.

Meh. Brain damage isn’t something to be underestimated, but I don’t think this card is that good. For one, at two inf, I don’t see much splashing outside of HB. Sure, this is one of the very few ice that punishes face checking, but you’ll get early BP and one brain damage is easy to play around.

All I know is that when playing my naked Gabe deck, I won’t think twice about the possibility of hitting a Fenris, because it’s punishment is marginal. Katana is better in this regard, and has one additional str without the BP.

edit: Even OOF, it isn’t great, as you need more than one copy to ensure you get it out early, spending 2 influence a pop. Honestly I hope to see plenty of Fenrir as a runner, either because it’s influence not spent on Archer/SE/Overwriter, or because it’s easy drip economy for me.

I think this has a lot of potential in a jinteki flatline deck. Any brain damage is good

  • You need a deck focused around damage to make it worth it. But if you have that (Jinteki mostly), this effect is strong. 1 Brain damage is a huge deal for a Jinteki deck.

  • Comparing it to oringinal netrunner cards, its giving about a $2 value on the bad pub, which is low. However, I think Brain damage is a lot better now due to being much harder to prevent / more effective in a deck designed to use it. It doesnt have the hard counters that original did. (Enterprise Inc Shields, Emergency Self Cosntruct). As a result, a non-bad pub ice that did this in A:NR might cost more than it did in original. So maybe we are really getting $3-4 for that bad pub. That makes it a bit less inefficient.

  • As a result, I think this card is good in Jinteki, and HB damage decks, at least until something better is printed. Its the best illicit ice we have seen so far, though its not super efficient. At least it reliably gets a brain damage out against early facechecking. Its the best thing we have seen so far for Jinteki to use to get a bad pub, which it then removes with Clone Retirement.

  • Its only good because a Brain damage is really, really good for Jinteki. Combined with Snares, Fetals, Hokusai and Neural EMPs, it gets you kills. Its not good thrown into random decks.

  • I think +Handsize is getting more important. If we get a hardware with, like, +MU and +Handsize, I’d totally play that.

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I hope to God if they make that, it has an appropriate cost or they release much better hardware destruction for the Corp first, because my very first thought looking at Borrowed Satellite was “hmm, I don’t like this, but if it was +MU and +hand size, it would be OP as hell”. Edit: And forgot to point out, that one isn’t even hardware!

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I think public sympathy is good enough. Plascrete counters tag/bag with meat damage and public sympathy counters brain and net damage.

There’s no denying Jinteki is aided tremendously by brain damage. However, how do y’all think Fenris helps in this regard? Do you spend six influence for three, with a 50% chance of having one early, or do you spend less influence knowing that if you don’t draw it early, it’s a minor speedbump with a big drawback? No matter how I look at it, it’s a bad deal; I’d much rather spend that influence on Archer, Tollbooth, and Overwriters.

The only thing I like about Fenris in Jinteki is that with 3 paired with 3 Katanas, it’s extremely likely to have face-check deterrents in your opening hand. Even still, it’s not an ideal scenario past early game, and most intelligent runners attempt to install their Killer before running against Jinteki.

Don’t forget Jinteki’s getting curbstomped by net damage prevention. It doesn’t matter if the runner has 2 brain damage if he has a Deus X with Clone Chips or a Feedback Filter.

I’d much rather spend that influence on Archer, Tollbooth, and Overwriters.

Seems a lot easier to hit someone with a Fenris than an Overwriter.
Draw one early and it probably happens (or the opponent is forced to put out a sentry breaker before facechecking).

Mimic is going to absolutely stomp Jinteki I think. Fenris and Katana! 1-of Grim and Archer seems useful.

I feel that Jinteki, with its Clone Retirement, and the use it gets from these Ice, benefits the most from illicit ice.

Seems alot worse than grim and it costs influence.

I think its way better than Grim. (For a deck that wants brain damage like Jinteki).
It does cost influence though, unless youre doing HB damage and splashing the Jinteki stuff.

I cannot think of a competitive deck that would want this card over grim and has the influence to play it.

Any Jinteki deck with influence to spend.

This is probably about the tenth best way to spend influence in Jinteki. It’s a weird ice because you want to hit them with it early, but at the same time early bad pub is just abysmal. Seems just worse than neural katana and 2 influence is steep when it could just be another cerebral or some burst econ cards that jinteki really needs.


Hell, I’m currently testing a lone Janus in mine, which is only one influence point higher than Fenris and works better past the first two turns of the game. Sure it has its own issues, but with Jinteki’s better economic position and a couple Priority Requisitions, I’ve been quite pleased with its results (not to mention that it shits on Atman decks, hard).