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New Spoilers for 4rth Data Pack in Spin Cycle: True Colors

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Thanks for posting this! :smiley:

Punitive Counterstrike and TGTBT both look to punish aggressive running. Very cool. Two Counterstrikes can kill a runner if they scored a 5/3.

It looks like Keyhole allows trashing three cards on R&D? That effect is really powerful.

Rex Campaign seems really bad unless removing the bad pub becomes critical.

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If Keyhole does what it looks like (trashing one of the top 3 cards on R&D) it seems really powerful. Like: zomg powerful. Noise is an unholy trashing terror thanks to recursion and Sahasrara already.

I’m dubious about TGTBT, since we have decent flytrap effects already, and at 3/1 with no ability? Meh.

Counterstrike is nice since it doesn’t require a tag, but is weak to existing meat damage defense, which is already prevalent in my meta :).

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Sly, nooooooo, don’t start liking bad cards… :wink:
This counterstrike thingy is not going to see any competitive play out of Weyland!

I think it’s cool. That doesn’t necessarily mean I think it is strong. :wink:

I am just happy they are exploring more punishment for running mechanics.

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Nice. I’ve been thinking they need one more Snare-like effect to balance out RnD digging.

Edit: TGTBT is not the answer, just moving in the right direction.

For me, tag n back nbn is back on the table with the TGTBT. :slight_smile: