New Team Netrunner Format

Hi all! I just wanted to share a version of Team Netrunner variant that we’re trying down in Metro Atlanta. If this already exists and there’s a thread for this, feel free to delete.

Team Runner is similar (but not exactly) to how Team Tennis is played. You have a captain on your team and they pick “lines” for the players to play.

After we had sign-ups, the two captains secretly drafted the players who wanted to play. I oversaw the draft and then posted it to our FB page (putting the teams together in alphabetical order–no one knows who was first pick or who was last pick).

The captains will then have to strategize where they send their troops into battle. Splits are only worth half points, so if your top few lines split, it is really important to get points in your bottom lines. Every point counts!

Anyway, feel free to check it out. We haven’t had our first round yet, but our teams chat group is having some fun (both strategizing and tribalizing how are team is awesome and the other team is terrible).

Here’s the google doc, if it’s something you want to try in your local (or internet) meta, feel free to copy pasta and adjust as you see fit.


Small Thread Bump as we wrap up the first round.

This format is a total blast. The stakes feel higher when you know that it’s your job to bring home points for your team. I lost my match in Round 1 and felt TERRIBLE. I hated that I couldn’t bring home the bacon. And then our Line 1 player won both and it felt AWESOME. He basically saved our butt from a possible disaster.

Current score is 14-16 with three matches to be played.

We’ve got a chat group this is fun to be in; rooting for each other and talking about what we expect to see when we get into our matches. Having folks hop on Jnet and watch the matches, like having a small cheering section during the game.

Our team is also full of mature humans, so those playing down on Lines 6,7,8 don’t see it as a “bad thing” but just a place where points got to be earned.

As a matter of fact, there seems to be a lot of fun strategy with where the captains place their players. Our opposing teams captain put himself in Line 8 (which was something our team didn’t see coming).