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[New York, NY] 2016 Android: Netrunner Regionals at The Uncommons (in collaboration with the NYU Game Center)


The 2016 Android: Netrunner Uncommons Regionals will be held in collaboration with the New York University Game Center on June 4, 2016, at the NYU Game Center, located at 2 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, New York. Registration begins at 9am. The tournament is scheduled to start promptly at 10am. Note that this is an all-day event!

Pre-registration fee is $15, registration at the door will be $20. Please bring a photo ID, as it will be required to enter the venue.

We’re excited to be commissioning a special alternative art card, unique to the Uncommons Regionals as a giveaway for all participants! Additionally, there will be playmat giveaways through the day. Further information about the alt-art and about Twitch streaming will follow at a date closer to the event.

Pre-register here: https://squareup.com/store/the-uncommons/item/netrunner-lcg-regional-tournament


Hype hype hype


Ftfy :slight_smile:


Am trying to get in contact with relevant parties to get stream set up.


Define relevant parties …?


Can’t wait! Finally, a NYC Regionals!