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Next Data Pack: Up and Over


If anything, the fact that Sahasrara does specify is all the more reason to believe that it’d work just fine in other situations, like with this.


So, here’s a line of play with Blue Suns.

Turn 1: Do whatever first two clicks, third click install Curtain Wall in a remote.
Turn 2: Oversight AI the Curtain Wall and Mushin no Shin a Priority Req in that remote server.
Turn 3: Blue Suns the Curtain Wall, advance PriReq 2x, Install Curtain Wall again, score PriReq.

Gain 3 points towards your win and 13 credits to continue powering your Corp. Seems pretty legit as a play to me. :slight_smile:


…except MNS has to be in a new server.


… BLAH! Well, thanks for pointing that out. Guess it’d have to be a three turn process where the first turn is dropping all 3 cards and the second turn is advancing PriReq three times. Which is a much more risky and greedy play.


Except that even then, if you’re relying on Oversight to rez Curtain Wall, it won’t be able to do so, unless you have an extra click in there. 2 for Mushin, 1 to install Curtain, 1 for Oversight. If you can hard-rez Curtain, it’s doable easily enough, but…


Sorry, I meant to say that the sequence drops Mushin no Shin all together. Your correct its not doable without a Biotic Labor, which might be included in such a Blue Suns deck anyway to try a rushing fast advance strategy but at that point it requires too many combo pieces to be viable in my opinion.

So the sequence would be:
Turn 1: install curtain wall, OAI it, install PriReq.
Turn 2: 3x adv PriReq
Turn 3: Blue Suns curtain wall, install curtain wall, 2x adv PriReq and score.


you could set up a nice econ engine with amazon industrial zone, blue sun and a caduceus.

it would take 2 turns to see profit and the runner would have to kill the zone or the caduceus is beanstalk a turn.

pretty cool way to at least get amazon industrial, curtain wall and oversights into decks.


Aren’t those two mutually exclusive, though? :smiley:

(emphasis mine)

The problem here is Amazon’s super-low trash cost (for how conditional it is, and how much it costs to rez) - if you only protect it with the Caduceus, anyone who has 4 credits and a (Mimic or Inside Job) will shut you down.

Given how much setup this version takes and how fragile it is, wouldn’t you be better off just rezzing Private Contracts? :smiley:


well you could use it on the 2nd piece of ice on the zoned server for +2 credits. yeah ok its probably just better with econ assets, san sans, and big ice…but i know a few people who will make the amazon blue sun deck and get a kick out of playing it.


I don’t think it’s a trap. Given the amount of space left at the beginning of the second line of text, it likely says:

click, trash: The runner loses 4c for each advancement token on Reversed Accounts.

And that is is powerful right?


Trade-In and Sahasrara are different. Sahasrara is worded that way because you install a program first, and you need free MU to do that, and then you pay credits. Lukas said that somewhere, I believe. Trade-In doesn’t work like that.

I have a different question: do Kate’s discount (and Docklands Crackdown’s effect) matter for Trade-In?


Neither of them has an interaction (the whole “cards have no memory” situation, same as how Reina’s ability only ups the rez cost for the duration of that particular act of rezzing, even if you were to Crescentus and FAO it back up the same turn, or when you’re multi-rezzing TMI).

Now, if there were a permanent effect (resource/asset/identity/whatever) that said “all hardware costs X {less/more}”, that’d be a different matter entirely.


Umm. Do we actually know that Reina and Crescentus work like you say?


Yep, we do. Some confused dudes on BGG sent in questions to Lukas, he responded in the expected way.

edit: here’s the thread


Other ideas:
Use it with Elizabeth Mills to continuously nullify the Bad Publicity from Illicit ICE.

If you play a lot of ICE that costs the same, you could play Levy University. Use Blue Sun to return an ICE, then use Levy to add an ICE that costs the same and install one of them (the runner won’t know which of the two you played, or if you played something else).

Private Contracts is another obvious choice, like Adonis and Eve.

Use it with Draco to reset its strength.