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NEXT King of England deck


This is the latest version of a deck that I’ve been playing and tweaking for a few months now. Earlier versions I took to two different store championships and went 3-2 (first time playing in a tournament, 5-5 for the day) and 4-1 (6-4 for the day) respectively. This version I’ve brought to a GNK and went 3-0 (5-1 for the night for first place) against an Eater-Keyhole MaxX, Stealth Andy, and a home brewed CT deck. It has also gone to a casual store event and it went 2-0 against a Valencia and Reina.

I put this in NEXT instead of Foundry because I felt the 4-6 click advantage that NEXT provides allowed me to set up a lot faster than Foundry did.

This is a NEXT Control deck that seeks to combine the synergy of the NEXT and Grail ice into an incredibly taxing spread of ice. Mother Goddess as a singleton boosts the NEXT ice and also can be used to create early scoring windows. IT Department further augments the taxing effect of these ice.

I have been playing some NEXT also and I don’t think it is the worst ID but I wouldn’t ever bring it to serious tournament either. Biggest problem rushing with NEXT is the economy. ID power doesn’t really help economically and you will be very broke if you try to score early and runner is aggressive at the same time. Melange is too important if you try to score early and I feel more economy is needed. Decks like PPVP Kate might overwhelm your economy too fast. You could try not to rush agendas and make taxing servers but I feel Foundry/ETF should always be stronger if aiming for the long game. Foundry especially with NEXT/grail package.

Have you been planning to add any operation economy which would help to recoup the losses of the first score. Easily the best NEXT deck I have played is based on this deck which has a bit different plan (I also like the economy package but the deck is quite high variance): http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/16145/transformer-2nd-48-mead-hall-mn-sc-undefeated-

Are grail and NEXT, inherently, synergistic? To me, they both grow at a similar rate, and have similar openings and weaknesses. But, seeing grail ICE often makes the runner slow down and rig up, while NEXT relies on rezzing all game in order to be most effective. I’m not convinced that grail does more work here than say, a set of tollbooths and some pop-ups.

If I were looking for a way to marry NEXT and grail, presuming that’s the right direction to take the deck, I would probably go harder on having different avenues of program trashing. Aggressive Secretary comes to mind, and Will-o-Wisp wouldn’t be bad either if you can afford it.

This is very true. You need to be using your influence on importing economy. I ran NEXT at a regional this weekend just gone. Finished 4-2, but both losses were due to freak accesses on a Makers Eye run, besides that it was pretty solid. I ran something very close to this - which was deck of the week last week on NRDB. I dropped the Peak Efficiencies for Green Level Clearance but aside from that it was card for card. I didn’t use Corporate Troubleshooter all day though and NEXT Gold only once.

The problem with your linked deck is its heavy reliance on Efficiency Committee. I ran it through the wringer versus Kate, Leela, and Stealth and lost horribly to decent pilots. If I scored a Committee early, sure, I’d have a chance like any FA deck.

But man, it was a sight to behold how truly helpless I was to Hayley Clot Stealth.

Well, not my deck so I can’t take any responsibility for that :stuck_out_tongue:
I beat a very competent player repping Leela though, although it did go 7-6.
I’ve found stealth Hayley to be too slow to set up. This NEXT deck can score out pretty fast behind two ICE. I took it mainly as a meta call. I expected runners to be slowing down in order to prep for a shift towards glacier builds, which all but the top few did - fast runners and fast corps dominated the day. I was mostly trying to leverage the head start NEXT gets in those match-ups vs. slower runners.