NISEI Questions Thread

So, in other words, if I don’t feel qualified to take up any of the leadership positions, but wish to be involved in a lower capacity, I should just wait and contact the members of the leadership committee after they’re chosen rather than throw my hat in the ring now?

A: If you would like to take up a leadership position, but are worried that you’re not qualified, it’s absolutely fine to apply. It may very well be that the Selection Committee will like your qualifications more than you think!

Those who don’t want a leadership position, and who would rather be involved in a lower capacity, should wait. We can’t say for sure exactly how the leadership team will handle recruitment, since we want to leave things open for them to handle as they think best, but we expect that probably they will have some kind of applications or sign ups.


From the question box:

Does geographical location matter for the selection process? The community seems to be quite spread out across different time zones, but maybe for some roles it will be important to be closest to the biggest concentration of players in the meatspeace?

A: While the Selection Committee do believe that the Board should be able to work effectively across timezones, they don’t see it being an important consideration for selection - nobody will be turned down because they are in the timezone of a smaller meta! When the Board, particularly the Organised Play and Community managers, start putting together their teams, some thought may be given to location, because it’s important to make sure all metas are represented :slight_smile:


Can we actually withdraw our application for a leadership position? The more I think about it, the more it seems that I can offer more in a lower level position than as an actual leader. Not so much time available right now, parenthood and real life…

A: That’s unfortunate, but we do hope to have you contribute however you can. You can withdraw by PMing me on Stimhack with your full name and handle details, or DMing @SimonMoon directly on the Stimhack Slack.

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From the anonymous question box:

There’s a sharp dichotomy between how you’ve been considering art and writing. Both are creative, difficult jobs that people might do for fun, but due to the nature of netrunner it has been common to pay artists for their alt arts. However as there has been no need for writers to do anything (sure you’d pay for an alt art card but not for an alt flavour text card or for a Netrunner short story) there isn’t the same culture. This has permeated NISEI - you’ve made it clear writers will be volunteers but also that artists will get paid for their contributions. Do you have any plans to address this disparity?

A: The details of how NISEI will interact with artists and writers are up to the not-yet-selected leadership, so we cannot commit 100% to any approach.

We do know we can’t assume artists will work for free and we certainly won’t demand they do so.

This is true of every role, including writers. We’ve clarified it for artists specifically in response to an incident of miscommunication.


Just a note that leadership role applications are now closed. We are still taking questions about NISEI, both here and through the form.


From the question box:

I would like to be a part-time card designer, but can I do so over the internet or do I have to be physically present? Also, if I submit a concept, will I be credited for it?

A: We definitely expect that most NISEI teams, including the design team, will do most or all of their work over the internet. We also expect that people who work on a set will be credited, though we don’t know yet whether the credits will break down who submitted which concept. Please ask the lead designer about that one, once they’ve been chosen.


Although I can’t be sure how much time I’ll have in the week to dedicate on this, I’d really like to support the creative writing section in some way, even if it just involves writing some flavour text or dumb limericks. Reckon that will be helpful?


A: There will be lots of opportunities for people to get involved at various levels. Once the team leads have been decided, they will need teams to lead. How they will pick those teams hasn’t been decided, and if you want to be involved, keep an eye on Stimhack and other media to make sure you don’t miss any calls for volunteers!


Neato, thanks for the update!

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Hey there Mantriel!

First up, thanks for caring enough to have TEN questions! :slight_smile:

Secondly, the Board have been in their roles for only a day now and while everyone involves has opinions on this we still have to run our plans and thoughts past each other to get a good idea about exactly where we’re going with the future - most of your questions touch on multiple sections of NISEI at once, so we have to make sure everyone in on the same page.

What I can tell you is:

  • There will be announcements soon regarding some of your questions once the discussions finish
  • Our target audience is everyone from the two kids who play once a month on the floor of their mum’s basement to people who make the cut at big events like Worlds.

Watch this space!


Question! Do I have to have my staff tag removed? single tear

Now that there is an assigned creative director, my most pressing question:

Are dogs alive in the Android universe? I may be wrong, but I think so far we’ve only seen cyberdogs and robodogs.

Please clarify.


@Tamijo better make sure you apply for some roles then matey :smiley:

@Sanjay My answer isn’t canon, but I’d always assumed they were. How else would you get a cyberdog? Maybe a new ID is in order… he can play Fetch with agendas.

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Where else would DJ Fenris get canine genetic modifications? :thinking:

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Amber-preserved mosquitos?


I can give you a custom “Nisemono Staff” (= japanese for fake/counterfeit) title instead.

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We’ve gotten a few new questions in the box since announcing the staff :slight_smile: The various members of the board are typing up some answers, but this one I’ve got handled.

Will there be enough support for the game in europe from NISEI?

A: NISEI doesn’t stand for Netrunner International Support and Expansion Initiative for nothing :wink: There will be no shortage of events in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

Hi gang,

We here in Chicago were originally going to have a release event for R&R, before the drama of the end of Netrunner kicked in, with a structure incentivizing R&R deckbuilding. At this point, we will probably still do an event, in late October/early November. It can’t be part of the 2019 tournament season, but would OP like to be involved at all?

Hi anon,

Unfortunately our current timetable for prize support production may leave us scrambling to get a Game Night Kit into your hands depending on the exact date. However, we will be happy to help if we can! PM me on Slack (@icecoldjazz) and we can discuss details. We’d love to hear about whatever format you decide to run and how it works out for you as well!