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NISEI Questions Thread


I hear if you run an randomized algorithm using three factions, folks LOVE it! :wink:


Why are there still Store Championships? How many stores will make these championships?
Can NISEI them rename to Local Championship?
Local championships can still be hosted in a store, but it doesn’t implicate that they “should be” in a store.


I cannot and do not speak for NISEI OP, but my understanding is that it is anticipated that the vast majority of 2019 SCs will take place in stores still and therefore maintaining the naming convention makes sense, as well as also being familiar to anyone who has been around for any previous, FFG season.

I for one played SCs in locations other than stores well before NISEI existed, for example a SC in Cheltenham which was in a hotel, so it doesn’t seem like a big problem to me. Just my opinion though, again, I don’t speak for OP on this.


Probably for @icecoldjazz, but is the QR code in the Q1 QNK letter supposed to take us to the NISEI website or OP page? It just says it’s been disabled.


Pretty much exactly what @3N1GM4 said - this naming convention is still familiar to players, the vast majority of events will still occur in stores, and we didn’t want to cause any unnecessary confusion by renaming them at this time. When the kits go up for sale it’ll be very clear that they don’t have to be run at a store.

Yep, it pointed to the OP resources page. The service we were using falsely claimed that static QR codes were good forever, so I went ahead and used one. Not until someone scanned it did we discover that 1) they only work for a set number of days without a subscription, and 2) the subscription was outrageously expensive for what it is and can only be paid yearly. No more QR codes!

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While listening to Run Last Click, the folks discussed getting “new blood” into the game. As @D4NI3L brought up a few posts up (and I made a lighthearted reply), I just wanted to say that I think having starter decks would be key to getting new players up and running.

In “dreamland” version of this, a player could come to a Game Night and actually be given them (or, they get to play with the decks, and if they enjoyed the time, buy them from the TO for, I dunno, 5 or 10 bucks).

PERHAPS even, these decks could be built completely with cards from the upcoming NISEI cycle–thereby getting around the players having to track down data packs/FFG product, etc.

You could even design cards like, Sure Bet and Pepper Ridge Farmbusting to help with the missing but necessary econ cards–econ cards that come in the NISEI cycle starter decks.

Oh yeah–a question:
Considering that humans tend to take the path of least resistance, what is the chance of using the upcoming cycle to develop starter decks to that can be available at the Game Nights to help introduce new players to Nethacker?


Here’s an OP question: is Standard the only acceptable format for a Store Championship?


From the article (emphasis mine):

Run your event! You are encouraged to collect entry fees to cover the cost of the kit (but are not required to do so). $10 or equivalent is suggested. Make sure to also familiarize yourself with the Organized Play Policies (Store Championships are Casual-tier events, but must be run using the Standard Format), which can be found here alongside other tools to help you run a successful event.


I read it twice, but apparently missed that. Thanks!


Are you able to provide us with a plan, for which time you are planning Regionals & Nationals this year and an approx time for Worlds.


I have rough dates for these at the moment which we are working on finalizing - this will be announced very soon!

The current plan is for Regionals season to begin around 4 May 2019, Nationals around 27 July, and Worlds in mid-October.

Again - rough dates, not set in stone, but should give you a good idea :slight_smile:


That is what I was asking for, thanks so much and understood it’s not fixed yet!


Looking through the Organized Play Policies doc, I didn’t see a treatment of SoS in the event of a player dropping from the event.

In computing a player’s SoS, is each opponent’s “average points per round” based on the number of rounds each opponent played, or the total number of rounds so far? e.g. You split with your opponent “Quitsy McHatesToSplit” in round 1. They drop, as they hate splitting. At the end of round 2, is Quitsy’s average points per round 3.0 (3.0 / 1 round played) or 1.5 (3.0 / 2 rounds so far)?


Hey all, has there been any movement on the Nisei Draft Cube? I am interested in helping develop this and start testing it. Having Netrunner in a box is a great way to get people to come out and play. Right now I am having trouble getting people to show up with cards in any playable format (Key Forge is also huge here)…


Good catch! This should be computed as rounds played so far - so as not to punish a player for a former opponent dropping or otherwise being removed from the event. I’ll clarify this in version 1.1.

We have made only nominal progress; this is admittedly low on OP’s list of priorities as we still have a bit to sort out/get set up before we are properly in “business as usual” mode. It is being worked on, and we’re shooting to have something ready by the time the Q2 GNK arrives. If you are interested in contributing, please PM me here or on Stimslack @icecoldjazz and we can discuss specifics.


Hey any way the deadline for Store Champ kits could be pushed back two weeks or so? As far as I know, we’re the only people doing a GNK in Portland OR, which is already pretty bleak, but it’s our first time hosting an event, and even though it’s pretty early in GNK season (Jan 12th), it’s after the deadline for ordering a kit. We’d like to hold off until we know the GNK wasn’t the worst experience of our lives before making any commitments, as well as having time to drum up anyone else willing to take the lead.

Thanks for considering!


We’ve been discussing it, but unfortunately this is quite tricky. A two week extension puts the whole order window back because we’re doing one POD order to get decent bulk rates - the margin is quite slim for SCs and we can’t really afford to hold dead stock. We’d be effectively killing the first two weeks of the actual event window, and people are already scheduling events.

Please do send an email to projectnisei@gmail.com with Attn: Organised Play though, and in the event of a spare kit or other wiggle room we’ll try and do you a solid.


you could offer them for a higher price like 100 or 120 afterwards! Just as an idea!


If I were to host a store championship, I see that the venue must be open to the public, but is there a minimum potential size? If I find a place that can accommodate 16, is that enough?


There’s no formal minimum size for a Store Championship, although a regional bye can only be handed out if there are at least 8 players.

So as long as you arrange a public venue and advertise the event to attract players in good faith (as well as buying the kit obviously), there’s no problem. :+1: