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NISEI Questions Thread

  1. Is there a forum/place for suggestions for new cards or other ideas?

  2. Would it make sense to rotate individual cards rather than cycles/expansions, especially now that the game is entering a more lose print & play format? That would solve your Lunar cycle rotation problem with a few cards critical to the meta standing in the way of punching delete on the rest of those 120 cards, for example.

It would also let you work with a tightly controlled card pool of a fixed number (instead of a fixed number of cycles/expansions). When a 100 new cards come along, a 100 has to leave. Let the community vote on which ones leave or ditch the least used ones in tournament decks.

EDIT: Oh, and you could salvage all NEXT cards fx and make them a viable strategy for new players and people who never got ale the cards (like me)!

Good work you’re doing!

  1. Gregory Tongue (lead designer) frequently posts design challenges through his twitter account @crithitd20 and some of the submitted suggestions have made it into the first NISEI set. Just search for #NISEIdesign and you’ll see a bunch of great ideas by people.

  2. I’ll let someone actually qualified to answer this :slight_smile:


I see your point on this, but, honestly, I prefer rotating out cycles and maybe keeping a few cards from there. Mainly because, besides a handful of cards that are considered to be “too strong” at that time, people will probably just vote to get rid of the cards they don’t use, so it won’t shake things up that much. Whereas if you just lose a cycle or 2, then you have to reevaluate the entire card pool to see what works now that those cycles are gone. I mean, if we voted on the cards to be removed, would we have removed Magnum Opus? That rotation made me change all of my Shaper decks (though I still miss Underworld Contacts)

Plus, presumably NISEI would be playtesting to see which cards should remain.


That’s some good, valid points, thanks.


We also design new cards, based around the expected gaps in the card pool. We can’t do that, if we don’t know what’s leaving…


Random (incredibly minor) question/suggestion: I definitely like having the Sets tab on NetrunnerDB instead of having to go to card search and then go to the set (yes, 1st world problems), but maybe change the “Advanced” tab to “Card Search” or “Advanced Search”. It took a me a few minutes to realize it was an advanced card search instead of something like advanced settings. I did find it so it isn’t even an issue for me anymore, but I think it could be a little simpler that way.

Thanks for all your work!


Good feedback, I’ll pass it on :slight_smile:


Is it possible to share a Store Champ event, by only providing the ABR link when it contains all data? I’m sure the answer is no, but it would make things so much easier!


You may! Go ahead and share it with us by replying to the follow-up email.


TY! Used the Form but to enter entry fee was a bit hard.


Yep, this is a change we totally plan to make, thanks for the suggestion!


Is the Nisei artwork for the card backs finished? Could I have a sneak peak?

Reason why:
I’m making nice, adjusted, printable proxies of the existing A:NR cardpool based on some nice scans a very industrial fellow shared on Reddit. I’ve finished the Revised Core and now doing work on Kitara, Reign and Reverie and System Core 2019. They will be accessible to everybody as I finish them.

First I was using the original card backs (so you can sleeve the cards in transparent sleeves). BUT I suddenly realised that you guys will be making your own back art, and the idea is to make the back catalogue cards compatible with the new Nisei cards. So I want to use the Nisei art for the backs.

I’m ready to send a big batch of cards to the printers (for my local, casual gaming group), but I’d really like to change the back art before that happens. Any way thats possible??

Check out the proxy quality here (proxies on the right):

EDIT: I realise this might send a wrong signal about the ip holders of the game and about Nisei. That’s not my intention at all, but feel free to delete my post, if you find it inappropriate.


Simombo’s Question.

A: We would prefer that people don’t use our card backs with any product that we don’t own the rights to, including (and maybe especially) FFG card templates/card art. We also would prefer that they not be used with any personal projects out of our control.

It’s both an image thing, and a legal liability thing. We’re limiting our exposure on any infringement of their IP and also not having our name attached to potentially offensive materials. Slapping our backs on their cards might give the impression that we don’t respect their IP.

For those reasons, our card templates and card backs will probably not be made publicly available any time in the near future.

That said, we can’t stop you from scanning them for personal use. We just ask that you pretty, pretty please don’t distribute them.


Of course, makes sense. I won’t use them.

Btw, do you know the measurements of the future Nisei cards? The A:NR were 61,5x88 mm, but that’s not a format available (at least to my knowledge) at most online printing services (Drivethrucards, Makeplayingcards etc.), where the closest format is 63x88 mm.

If you use opaque sleeves, I guess the 1,5 mm difference is hard to spot, if you mix FFG and Nisei cards, but still it’s a small issue … at least for my OCD.


Totally understandable!

What would be nice, if you would allow Fan Alt Arts to use it!

They are 63x88mm at least in the GNK.


Just a general reminder to anyone entering the thread: You can submit anonymous questions by CLICKING HERE.


I think it would be alright for fan alts to use it, but, well, it would require us releasing them to the public, and if we did, we’d have no way to stop people from using them for FFG cards as well…


The meta is stale. What’s the plan in the short term?


Short term? Well we have a new set - containing 65 cards - out this quarter, and if you want even shorter term well (as per the FAQ I posted only 3 days ago) there’s a new MWL incoming pretty soon.


Oooh nice! Looking forward to it.