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NISEI Questions Thread


Can you reveal the date Ashes-1 will be released? We for one are working on planning an SC, but if Ashes comes out with reasonable lead time for people to get used to it, that might influence the date we choose.


If you want it legal with some testing time before your event, plan for April :slight_smile:


Thank you for asking, greyfield.

I am planning an event for April 20th and I hadn’t thought through that the event would likely be using Ashes. Exciting!


Are you planning to translate Ashes in some languages? My question is for Germany and it influences what the targeting group is, we can teach the game to.


Yes, we are. Currently for German I believe we’re translating the rules at the moment, but the Ashes cards are on the To Do list. They won’t be available immediately though, however for future sets it’s my hope that the gap will be quite small.


Is there a central location where I can look at where there are store championships? The NISEI website recommended using alwaysberunning.net, but in my experience most tournaments don’t get listed there.


We’ll have them on our site soon - waiting for some more details on stragglers, but we’re also encouraging people to list them on ABR.


Actually, I bave a question, and I think I should just ask you publicly instead of at NISEI Plaza.

Should we be creating our events on ABR as soon as we reply to the email? Like ASAP, basically?


The sooner, the better. More people will see it!


I like it, that we can ask questions here, but why are you not having your news here?


I remember this one; Because it was creating a bunch of ‘empty’ topics in the board and flooding the main page and pushing articles out. Possibly a side-effect of this site just not posting as many articles. But that’s why they have their own site; If you want to keep up on their news, follow their site.


Are you asking about posting Articles in the Articles section of the main Stimhack site? Or, are you asking about a posting news of the articles in the forums?

I think @RealityCheque was doing separate forums for each, but was considering combining them into one topic. But, I haven’t see any new articles posted since November.


A: It’s exactly as was stated by some users above: We’re not Stimhack and we don’t want to flood the site with NISEI stuff. If this site gets content going again, we’d like that to shine because we have our own site.


Hi (and thanks for your work).
If you use only one thread for Nisei news and update it, even one per day, I don’t think that anyone will mind.


Honestly, I forget to post them here - because I got too used to the site doing it for me. But I really don’t want to spam Stimhack, because we ended up a significant portion of the content before we had our own site.


That’s understandable. I think if there was just a topic for NISEI articles that gets updated with links to new articles, it wouldn’t feel like spamming. And then people would just have to track one topic and keep up to date on the news from NISEI.


I think a dedicated NISEI thread where we post links to new articles is great - even if it’s this one.


What is wrong with just going to their website?


Same reason NISEI posts to Reddit and Dorks. It’s probably a good idea to let players know about their activity in the major hubs of the community.

Any reason not to?


I’ll reiterate - poor memory :wink: